Best Mic for youtubers

Most of the people who wants to join YouTube for their income then they start searching for some essential products. But don’t know that what they should buy. YouTube channel products depend on that what kind of videos are you trying to show your audience. YouTube channel starting is a big task if you have no idea about it.

Best Microphone for YouTube for Video Recording Under 500 or 1000.

Most of the people find their choices wrong when they think that YouTube mic for video recoding should be cheap so they can afford. But keep in mind that audio in you content plays important role to get more views. But you don’t need to buy very expensive mics. if you are searching for microphone for video recording under 500Rs. then you don’t buy because there is no good mic under this capital. Literally, your mobile pre installed mic is better than that worst microphones. if you thinking that you must buy a microphone then add some money in it. Here is best microphone link is given below. Don’t Worry!! it does not exceed your budget so much. it cost you less than 1000 Rs.

Boya by m1 microphoneBuy Now

Pros –

  • Best choice for Budget YouTubers
  • Long mic wire around 20 Feet.
  • can connect with mobile and Camera.
  • Reduces Noise.
  • Can connect with your pc also.
  • superb audio quality.

  • Runs on cell power. if you use camera mode then you have to change it’s cell every month.
  • long wire creates problem some times, because of its length.


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