Best Vacuum Cleaner for Cars and Home in India

Most of us want’s to choose Best Vacuum Cleaner for different Purposes. Some people wants to buy vacuum cleaner for Home, vacuum cleaner for car, vacuum cleaner for Industrial use, vacuum cleaner for dusting of their laptops/ computers. Many of us have different purposes and different Budgets like someone want best vacuum cleaner under 5000Rs, Someone wants best vacuum cleaner under 10000Rs. and someone just want best ( means no compromise ).

So Dear Friends, Here i will help you into choosing Best Vacuum cleaner under your conditions. you have not need to search more about best vacuum cleaners.

Best Vacuum Cleaner for Car

  • Best vacuum Cleaner for Car under 1000Rs.

1) Car Vacuum Powerful Portable Vacuum Cleaner

This Vacuum Cleaner uses 120 Watt of power.

Buy / Check Price (950Rs)

  • Best Vacuum Cleaner for car above 1000Rs.

1) Bergmann Stunner Car Vacuum Cleaner with Stainless Steel

It comes with 150 Watt power usage. It has 1 year warranty.

Buy / Check Price ( 1700Rs)

Best Vacuum Cleaner for Home

  • Best Vacuum Cleaner for Home Under 10000Rs.

1) Philips PowerPro FC9352/01 Compact Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

This Vacuum Cleaner uses 1900W Power. It works like magic for Home usage. This vacuum cleaner have best reviews over internet. It come with 2 years warranty. No bags are required for this.

Buy / Check Price (8000 Rs)

2) Karcher WD 3*EU Wet & Dry Vacuum Cleaner

This product uses with 1000 Watt power. This Vacuum Cleaner is designed for heavy usage with 17L of waste Capacity. it comes with dust bag.

Buy / Check Price (6600 Rs)

  • Best Vacuum Cleaner for Home under 5000Rs.

3) Eureka Forbes Quick Clean Dx Vacuum Cleaner

This Vacuum Cleaner ranging between 700 Watt to 1200 Watt. This product comes with 1 year warranty. 3 reusable dust bag come with it.

Buy / Check Price ( 3000-3500 Rs)

4) Amazon Basics Vacuum Cleaner

This Product comes with 3 reusable dust bag ( 1 fabric and 2 paper bags ) and 2 years warranty. This cleaner uses 700 watt power and produce very low sound

Buy / Check Price (3400 – 3700 Rs)

5) Inalsa Vacuum Cleaner for Wet/Dry/Blowing

This Cleaner uses 1000 Watt of power. It comes with 2 years of warranty.

Buy / Check Price ( 4000 Rs)

6) Eureka Forbes Trendy Zip Vacuum Cleaner

This Product uses 1000 Watt of power and comes with 1 year warranty. This product comes with only 1 dust bag.

Buy / Check Price (3600 Rs.)

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