HBSE Class 9 Science Syllabus 2021-2022

Class 9 Science Syllabus 2021-2022 after some portion reduction. HBSE Class 9 Science Reduced or Deleted Syllabus will be Explained Here for 2021-2022 Exams. Haryana Board also Reduced Syllabus after reduction of CBSE.

Deleted Syllabus:-

Lesson-01 Matter In Our Surroundings.

1.3 States of Matter.

1.4.1 Effect of change of Temperature

1.5 Evaporation.

Lesson-7 Diversity in Organisms

7.3 The Hierarchy of Classification Groups

7.4 Plantae

7.6 Nomenclature

Lesson-10 Gravity.

10.5 Thrust and Pressure.

10.5.2 Buoyancy

10.6 Archimedes’ Principle.

10.7 Relative Density.

Lesson-12 Sound.

12.2.4 Speed ​​of sound in different media.

12.3 Reflection of Sound.

12.3.1 Echo

12.3.2 Reverberation

12.4 Range of Hearing

12.5 Applications of Ultrasound

12.5.1 Sonar.

12.6 Structure of the Human Ear

Lesson-15 Improving Food Resources.

15.1.2 Crop Production Management

  •  (i) Nutrient Management.

other Chapters that are not explained above must be prepared for Exams of HBSE 2021-2022

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