How to Send/Transfer Money From Google Play Store to Bank Account / paytm

Sending Money From Google Play Store to bank account is not a easy process but this post will help you to transfer google play balance to you account.

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If you are Facing Problems for sending Your Money from Play store to Your Bank. Then Here is the best solution.

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If You Don’t Have Enough Internet for this Then you can read this article. But I Highly Suggest you Watch our youtube video because in this I explain it practically which is easier to Understand Something Practically.

now come to Topic.

If you have watched Our Video Then I tell about a play store link which is Required for Withdraw Google Play Store Balance.

Google Play Store Money Withdraw Link  


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How Much Time it will take 

so friends if you apply for your money withdraw balance then it will take near about two weeks. but keep in mind that this is not the original way for withdrawing your money.

if you have added your money in google play store by a mistake and your money is more then 1000 rs then you can try this.

this is the safest way for google play balance transfer because this link is powered by google play store so I only suggest that you can try this link for withdrawing your money. if it works then you are lucky from all other.

be aware from all fraud websites because they can take your money but not add it to your bank account.

this link is given to me by google play store so you can trust on google play store, Not on Fraud websites

Where I can use My Money

Now you only have one way if your money not withdrew then you have to ask people what they want to buy something from Google Play Store if they won’t then you can send money to buy that thing and you can make money from him.

Another Way for this is that you can buy Something from your Account Whatever You Needs

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