How to use Xp Pen Tablet on Laptop / Computer

Xp Pen Tablet is a device that is used for Write something on the screen for explain Something in Details and Clearly. Now a day Pen Tablet is common among Educational Platforms like Youtube channels or Lectures. Here i will give you a detailed explanation that how you can use your XP pen tablet on Laptop or Windows Computers or mac.

How to use Xp-Pen Tablet

The famous Xp pen is Deco 01 v2. Best buy link Deco 01 v2 is given in last of this post. This post is about this tablet that how you can use it with connect to laptop or computer.

If you are going to use Xp pen tablet on mobile then there is not more customization option for you. You can only use basic pen buttons that will work as Erase and Draw.

But if you are Seriously want to use it like a professional then you need a laptop or Computer or mac. I hope you have that.

Step 1. Now you have to Download a Software.

Step. 2 Install the Software into Your Device.

Step 3. Customize your Buttons By assigning keys for Xp pen tablet

Step 4 : Test your Buttons after set. Check that they are working perfectly.

Dear Friends, Hope this post helped you so much.

if you are searching for best pen tablet for your work then You can check out This Pen Tablet. Definitely This Pen Tablet is best choice for you.

Buy Deco 01 v2 Pen Tablet 

if you are Thinking that this tablet is higher in Price then here are some advantages of this Xp pen tablet.

  • Smooth Texture in low range.
  • More buttons to work faster.
  • Realtime Data Transfer.

Bonus –  Pen Tablet Works on pdf only if you want to create some content on browser screen or you don’t want to make pdf then you have to use a software named Epic Pen. 

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