Food – Where does it Come From? Class 6 Science Chapter 1 Notes NCERT Solution

NCERT Class 6 Science – Food – Where does it Come From? Chapter 1 Notes for Preparation of Exams. Here we Provide Class 6 Vigyan Question Answer, Important Questions, for Various State Boards Students like CBSE, Haryana, uttar pradesh, mp and other state students.

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NCERT Class 6 Science Chapter 1 Food – Where does it Come From? Notes Solution.

Food – Where does it Come From? Class 6 Science Chapter 1 Notes

  • There is a lot of variation in the food eaten in different regions of India.
  • The main source of our food is plants and animals.
  • Ingredients :- Those substances that are needed to prepare a dish. for eg – To prepare boiled rice we need rice, water etc.
  • Food Materials:- All the materials available around us that we can take is as food is called food materials. There are items like milk, eggs, meat, chicken, fish, prawns, beef, pork and such other items comes from animals. There are items like pulses, grains like bajra, wheat, jawar, sugarcane, vegetables, fruits and many other items comes from plants.
  • Plants :-
  • many plants have two or more edible ( eatable ) parts.
  • Plants are the sources of food ingredients. eg. Grains , Cereals, vegetables and Fruits.
  • We eats different  parts of different plants. Some parts of plants that are eaten by us are as follows :- leaves, Fruits, Roots, Stems and even Flowers.

  • For example : We eat fruit part of Brinjal and  Chilli. Bees collect nectar (sweet juice) from Flowers.

  • We get Sugar from Sugarcane.
  • Sprouted – A small white structure may have grown out of seeds. If so, the seed have sprouted.
  • Animals :-

Animals are categorized on the basis of food that they eat. These are mainly categorized as

  1. Herbivores :- Those animals who eat plants only are called  Herbivores. For eg – Parrot, Pigeon, Deer etc.
  2. Carnivores :- Those animals who eat animals only are called Carnivores. For eg – Lion, Tiger etc.
  3. Omnivores :- Those animals who eat both plants and animals are called Omnivores. For eg – Dog, human beings etc.
  • Animal Products :-
    Those products which are obtained from animals or from their products are called animal products. For eg – Milk, Curd, paneer, ghee etc.
    The milk that we drink, which comes from cows, buffaloes and goats is an animal product.

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