HBSE Class 12 Geography Important Questions 2023 PDF

Class 12 Geography Important Question Answer solution with pdf. Here We Provides Class 1 to 12 all Subjects NCERT Solution with Notes, Question Answer, CBSE and HBSE Important Questions, MCQ and old Question Papers for Students.

HBSE ( Haryana Board ) Solution of Class 12 geography important Question And Answer solution for 2023 exams.

HBSE Class 12 Geography Important Question for 2023 

HBSE Class 12 Geography Important 5 Marks Questions 2023

Q1. Discuss the factors affecting distribution of population. Most Important

Q2. Analyse state wise population density of India. Most Important

Q3. Describe the tendencies of population growth in the World.

Q4. Analyse the doubling period of the world population.

Q5. Describe the urban population in India.

Q6. Write an essay on Population, Environment and Development.

Q7. Illustrate the components of population change.

Q8. Mention densely and rarely populated regions of the world.

Q9. Discuss the different stages of population growth in India. Most Important

Q10. Give an account of the occupational structure of India’s population.

Q11. Discuss the religious composition of Indian Population. Most Important

Q12. Discuss the reasons of uneven distribution of population in India.

Q13. Give geographical account of Age-sex structure of population.

Q14. Explain in detail the occupational structure of population.

Q15. Describe the problems of Slums in India. Most Most Important

Q16. Describe the Suez Canal Route in detail.

Q17. Describe the ‘Panama Canal Route’ in detail.

Q18. Write a note on ‘Land Degradation’. Most Important

Q19. Suggest measures for reduction of land degradation.

Q20. Describe distribution of Railway in the world.

Q21. Explain any two intercontinental railway routes of the world. Most Important

Q22. Explain the Hugli Industrial region of India.

Q23. Explain the ‘Gujarat Industrial Region’.

Q24. Explain the Mumbai-Pune Industrial Region. Most Important

Q25. Describe the Cotton Textile Industry in India.

Q26. Discuss the main industries of Chhota Nagpur industrial region.

Q27. Describe the factors of localization of cotton textile industries in India.

Q28. Classify industries on the basis of raw material.

Q29. Explain the concept of High Technology Industries.

Q30. Describe the distribution and production of Sugar Industry in India.

Q31. Describe the geographical conditions required for the cultivation of Rice. Mention its production and distribution in India.

Q32. Describe the distribution and production of cotton textile industry in India.

Q33. Explain the three main characteristics of new industrial policy of India.

Q34. Describe the Iron and Steel Industry of India. Most Important

Q35. Explain the factors affecting location of Industries in India. Most Important

Q36. Describe the causes and effects of Air Pollution’.

Q37. Discuss the sex ratio in India.

Q38. What do you mean by age-sex pyramid? Describe the different types of age-sex pyramids.

Q39. Discuss the factors for imbalance in sex age found in different parts of the world and occupational structure. Most Important

Q40. Explain the various stages of demographic transition.

Q41. Name any four major Oceanic routes of the world. Explain any one in detail.

Q42. Discuss the causes, effects and solution of Noise Pollution. Most Most Important

Q43. Discuss the history of International trade.

Q44. What are the basis of International Trade? Explain with examples.

Q45. Explain in detail the water pollution. Most Important

Q46. Describe the nature of ‘Water Pollution’ in India.

Q47. Describe the indicators of social empowerment of Human Development.

Q48. Describe the different approaches to Human Development. Most Important

Q49. Describe the four pillars of Human Development.

Q50. What do you understand by equality and sustainability refer to the concept of human development?

Q51. Describe the different types of roads in India.

Q52. Describe the oil and gas pipeline transportation in India.

Q53. Describe in detail the air transportation in India.

Q54. Explain the importance of Road Transportation.

Q55. Describe the inland water ways and oceanic routes of India.

Q56. Classify Ports on the basis of Commodities Handled at Ports.

Q57. Discuss the features of different types of rural settlements.

Q58. What is Migration? Describe the causes of Migration. Most Important

Q59. What are the Socio-demographic consequences of Migration ?

Q60. Discuss the consequences of International Migration in India.

Q61. Mention the importance of Growth of agriculture output and technology.

Q62. Discuss the main features of Plantation Agriculture. Name a few important plantation crops from different countries.

Q63. Write a detailed note on the Petroleum Resources of India. Most Important

Q64. What are the benefits of International Trade?

Q65. Describe the problems of Indian Agriculture. Most Important

Q66. Describe the role of Roads in the Economic Development of India.

Q67. Write a note on the changing nature of International Trade of India.

Q68. Write a short note on Demographic Transition. Most Important

Q69. Which are the chief means of transportation in India? Discuss the factors affecting their development.

Q70. Discuss briefly the geographical distribution of different language families in India.

Q71. Differentiate between Nomadic Herding and Commercial Livestock Rearing.

Q72. What is Watershed Management? Do you think it can play an important role in sustainable development?

Q73. Write a short Essay on the spatial pattern of density of population in India.

Q74. Write a note on Non-conventional Sources of Energy.

Q75. Explain various type of Quaternary Activities. Most Important

Q76. Describe the scope of Human Geography.

Q77. Describe the production and distribution of Coal in India. Most Important

Q78. Write an essay on Hydro Power in India.

Q79. Explain Naturalization of Humans.

Q80. What is Intensive Subsistence Farming ? Describe its two main types.

Q81. Write a short note on Trends of Urbanisation in India form 1901 to 2011.

Q82. Describe the distribution of Mineral Belts of India.

Q83. Write a note about the major approaches to achieve Human Development. 

Q84. Describe the geographical conditions required for the cultivation of Tea. Mention its production and distribution in India.

Q85. Discuss the main features of Intensive Subsistence Agriculture. Name any Intensive Subsistence crop and show its distribution in different countries.

Q86. Write about the types of Transport? Describe any one in detail.

Q87. Describe the production and distribution of Iron-ore in India. Most Important

Q88. Explain in detail the significance of Transport and Communication Services.

Q89. Give an account of the occupational structure of India.

HBSE Class 12 Geography Important 3 Marks Questions

Q1. What do you understand by Composition of population ?

Q2. Why the density of population in the world is uneven ? Explain.

Q3. Discuss the age-sex pyramid showing the decreasing population.

Q4. What are the positive impacts of Indira Gandhi Canal Command Area on irrigation? Most Important

Q5. Mention the characteristic of India’s foreign trade. Most Important

Q6. How the human Geography is connected to other social sciences?

Q7. Give the names of sub-areas of Human Geography.

Q8. Write about patterns of Rural settlements with help of Diagrams?

Q9. Discuss briefly secondary activities.

Q10. What is the concept of sustainable development?

Q11. Discuss the importance of Quaternary Activities.

Q12. Explain the social indicators of Human Development in India.

Q13. Discuss briefly the rice cultivation in India.

Q14. Describe any three problems of urban settlements.

Q15. Explain the environmental problems of urban settlements.

Q16. What is an administrative town ? Give examples.

Q17. Differentiate between Clustered and Dispersed settlements.

Q18. What are Rural and Urban Settlements ? Write their characteristics.

Q19. Distinguish between compact settlements and dispersed settlements.

Q20. What are Wet Point Settlements? Write their two advantages. Most Important

Q21. What are the main causes of land degradation ?

Q22. Discuss briefly Possibilism.

Q23. Write the objectives of Drought Prone Area Development Programme. Most Important

Q24. Discuss the contribution of ‘Air India’ and ‘Indian’ in Air Transport of India.

Q25. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of Pipeline Transportation.

Q26. Differentiate between Growth and Development.

Q27. Define Conurbation, Million City and Megalopolis?

Q28. What is Watershed management?

Q29. Discuss briefly Determinism.

Q30. Describe any three characteristics of Hugli Industrial Region.

Q31. Write a short note on type of Cities on the basis of their functions.

Q32. What do equity and sustainability refer to within the concept of human development?

Q33. Distinguish between Port and Harbour.

Q34. What do sustainability refer to within the concept of human development?

Q35. I  which areas Hill Area Development Programmes was initiated ?

Q36. Distinguish between Bilateral Trade and Multilateral Trade?

Q37. What are the basic functions of the World Trade Organisation ?

Q38. How are countries classified on the basis of Human Development Index?

Q39. Distinguish between Sectoral Planning and Regional Planning.

Q40. Write Problems of Rural Settlements.

Q41. What are metropolitan cities? How are they different from Urbant Agglomeration.

Q42. The Agriculture Sector has the largest share of Indian labours. Explain.

HBSE Class 12 Geography Important 2 marks Questions

Q1. What do you understand by population composition? Most Important

Q2. Explain the age-sex pyramid showing the increasing population in a region.

Q3. Discuss the composition of working population in India.

Q4. Write four branches of Human Geography.

Q5. Describe the factors affecting mining activities.

Q6. Name two petroleum producing areas of Assam State.

Q7. Give two reasons for declining child sex ratio in India.

Q8. Describe briefly the “Neo Determinism’.

Q9. What do you understand by nomadic herding?

Q10. What are the push and pull factors affecting migration?

Q11. Name two minerals used for generation of nuclear energy.

Q12. Describe briefly the mixed farming.

Q13. Explain briefly the Rain water harvesting.

Q14. How will you calculate the crude death rate?

Q15. What is Inter-continental Railway Route ?

Q16. What are the indicators for calculating Human Development Index ?

Q17. What do you understand by Non-conventional sources of energy?

Q18. Name the fast emerging countries of medical tourism in the World.

Q19. What are compact settlements ?

Q20. What is Sectoral planning?

Q21. Differentiate between the lifetime migrants’ and migrants by last residence.

Q22. What is the basis of classifying settlements ?

Q23. What is the Golden Quadrilateral ?

Q24. What are the demographic consequences of migration ?

Q25. What do you mean by Communication?

Q26. Give two reasons for low levels of Human Development in most of the Northern States of India.

Q27. What is a Transcontinental Railway?

Q28. What are the socio-consequences of migration?

Q29. What are Garrison towns? What is their function?

Q30. What are the Economic Consequences of Migration ?

Q31. What is the basis of classifying settlements ?

Q32. What are the advantages of water transport ?

Q33. What are Tertiary Activities?

Q34. What factors influence the pattern of rural settlements ?

Q35. Define the concept of Sustainable Development.

Q36. Distinguish between Birth-rate and Death-rate.

Q37. Give any to reasons for low levels of Human Development in most of the Northern States of India. 

Q38. Define Human Development.

Q39. What are the main factors for the location of villages in deserts ?

Q40. Describe the Quaternary Services.

Q41. What are Clustered Settlements ?

Q42. Write any two advantages of Manganese.

Q43. What is significance of Age-structure?

Q44. What are Primary Activities?

Q45. Write four main types of rural settlements in India.

Q46. What are the Terminal ports of Suez Canal?

HBSE Class 12 Geography Important 1 marks Questions

Q1. Define Density of Population.

Q2. Which age group is known as working population ?

Q3. What was the world-population at the beginning of 21th Century ?

Q4. Which Industrial Region of Japan is densely populated?

Q5. Name one mineral belt in Africa which has dense population.

Q6. Which in the largest populated town of the world?

Q7. What is population Pyramid ?

Q8. Which state in India has the highest density of population?

Q9. Which town was the first Urban settlement to reach a population of one million ? Most Important

Q10. Write the name of two producing areas of Tea in West Bengal.

Q11. Which continent has the highest growth rate of population in the World ?

Q12. In which State Bhilai Steel Plant is situated ?

Q13. How much population of World lives in Urban Area? (Year, 2001).

Q14. What is the population size of the Class 1st cities in India ?

Q15. What was the total population of the World at the time of Industrial Revolution ?

Q16. Which industrial region of Japan is densely populated?

Q17. Name the organization for bringing out World Human Development Report.

Q18. Which country is at the highest step of Human Development Index ?

Q19. Who gave the concept of Human Development?

Q20. Which state has the highest Human Development Index in India.

Q21. What do you means by ‘equality refer to the concept of Human Development?

Q22. Name the two South-east Asia economists who first put forward the Idea of Human Development.

Q23. When was Human Development Index created ? Most Important

Q24. What is Transhumance?

Q25. What is Physical Geography?

Q26. Name any two push factors that are responsible for making people move from their original place of living.

Q27. What do you understand by Megacity?

Q28. Name the regional trade group of which India is a member?

Q29. What is Dry Farming? Most Important

Q30. What is Co-operative farming?

Q31. Define Minerals.

Q32. Name the two ports situated on the eastern coast of India.

Q33. What is barter system?

Q34. Name the two ports situated on the Western Coast of India.

Q35. Name any planned city of India.

Q36. Name the largest linguistic group of India.

Q37. Who calculates the expansion of poverty in India ?

Q38. Name the three crop seasons of India.

Q39. What is the main reason of salinisation of Soil?

Q40. On which river and between which two places does the National Waterway No.- 1 lie?

Q41. What is Crude Birth Rate?

Q42. By which name shifting agriculture in North-east India is known?

Q43. What are public sector Industries?

Q44. What do you mean by Transportation ?

Q45. Which state in India receive maximum number of immigrants ?

Q46. Which State of India has maximum migrants ? Most Important

Q47. Write two main factors of Migration ?

Q48. From which country maximum migration has taken place?

Q49. Which food crop is also known as ‘Aus, Aman and Boro’ ?

Q50. Which state is the largest producer of Coffee in India?

Q51. Which mineral is also known as “Brown Diamond” ?

Q52. What do you understand by manufacturing?

Q53. What is Tourism ?

Q54. In which sector of service the major part of Indian labour is involved?

Q55. What do you understand by Indian Diaspora.

Q56. Define current fallow land.

Q57. In which state Arvari Pani Sansad Programme have been initiated’ ?

Q58. In which State ‘Vizag’ Steel plant is situated?

Q59. Which state has the highest number of Buddhists ?

Q60. Write the full name of ‘OPEC’.

Q61. Write the name of the country where every farmer is member of co-operative society generally.

Q62. Which activity comes in the collection of information.

Q63. Name two main types of settlements.

Q64. When was the first complete census held in India?

Q65. Name two activities of the earliest man.

Q66. Which two towns are connected by Transcanadian Highway?

Q67. What is Big Inch?

Q68. What are Garrison towns ?

Q69. Where is Mumbai High located?

Q70. In which State is Bharmaur Tribal Region situated ?

Q71. Which four Mega-cities are connected by ‘Golden Quadrilateral’ ?

Q72. What is negative balance of trade?

Q73. What is positive balance of Trade?

Q74. To which category of activities does trade belong?

Q75. What is a transport network?

Q76. What are metropolitan cities?

Q77. Name two mineral belts of India.

Q78. Name four sources of surface water.

Q79. In which State is Kalpakkam Nuclear Station located?

Q80. Write the name of the Eastern Terminal of Trans-Siberian Railway’.

Q81. What is Globalization?

Q82. Name two types of Trade.

Q83. When was Suez Canal constructed? Most Important

Q84. Write the name of the two terminal ports of Suez Canal.

Q85. Name the principal modes of World Transportation.

Q86. What are Hamleted Settlements?

Q87. Name two sources of Non-conventional Energy.

Q88. Write the name of two sources of Air Pollution.

Q89. In which State is Jhabua district located?

Q90. Write the names of two National Waterways of India.

Q91. Which industry is called the basic industry?

Q92. Which animals are reared in Sahara Region?

Q93. Write the name of the largest Metropolitan City of Uttar Pradesh.

Q94. Which places are connected by ‘Orient Express Rail Route’?

Q95. What is a Settlement?

Q96. Write the name of two groups of Coal Fields in India.

Q97. Write two aims of National Water Policy.

Q98. Where was the First Atomic Station set up in India?

Q99. Write the full name of ‘NAFTA’.

Q100. Write the name of the two terminal stations of East-West Corridor.

Q101. Write the name of the Headquarter of the North Eastern Railway Zone.

Q102. Which state (Excluding Union Territories) had the lowest Sex Ratio in 2011 in India as per the Census 2011 ?

Q103. In which river valley of India Gondwana coal fields is situated?

Q104. Where is the Silicon Valley located?

Q105. Which two towns are connected by Transcanadian Highway? 

Q106. Which is the largest populated town of the Bharat as per the Cenus of 2011 ?

Q107. In which country Ruhar Industrial Region is located ?

Q108. Name two groups of coal fields in India.

Q109. Which two towns are connected by Trans-Siberian Railway?

Q110. Which is the longest National Highway in India?

Q111. Addis Ababa is the capital of which country?

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