Narration Class 12 English Grammar – Format, Rules, Important for Exams

NCERT Class 12 English Grammar Important Narration Question Answer for Preparation of Exams. Here we Provide Class 12 English Question Answer, Important Questions, Summary, mcq for Various State Boards Students like CBSE, HBSE, MP BOARD, UP BOARD, RBSE students.

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NCERT Class 12 English Important Narration for grammar with rules of Narration with solution for haryana board.

Class 12 English Important Narration


1. Ram will say, “I saw my teacher in the park.”
Ans. Ram will say that he saw his teacher in the park.

2. I said to her, “Do you want my help ?”
Ans. I asked her if she wanted my help.

3. He said, “What a great misery !”
Ans. He exclaimed with sorrow that it was a great misery.

4. The teacher said, “Mahatma Gandhi believed in non-violence.”
Ans. The teacher said that Mahatma Gandhi had believed in non-violence.

5. He says, “The train will be late.”
Ans. He says that the train will be late.

6. I said, “I have been ill since Monday.”
Ans. I said that I had been ill then Monday.

7. The teacher said to the boy, “Shut the door.”
Ans. The teacher commanded the boy to shut the door.

8. His uncle said, “Two and two make four.”
Ans. His uncle said that two and two made four.

9. I said, “I have finished my work.”
Ans. I said that I had finished my work.

10. He said, “I shall go there.”
Ans. He said that I should go there.

11. She said, “Kamla do you like this book ?”
Ans. She said  if Kamala did like that book.

12. The priest said, “Truth wins in the long race.”
Ans. The priest said that truth wins in the long race.

13. “I have read a new novel by R. K. Narayan”, said Monika.
Ans. Monika said that she had read a new novel by R. K. Narayan.

14. “Do you wish to open an account ?” the manager asked the customer.
Ans. The manager asked the customer if he did wish to open an account.

15. “Bravo! Well done!”, he said.
Ans. he said that bravo you had done well.

16. The girl said, “I shall do it.”
Ans. The girl said that she should done it.

17. “Where does the Principal live ?” a parent asked the peon.
Ans. A parent asked the peon where did the principal lived.

18. “I posted the letter” said the boy.
Ans. The boy said that he had posted the letter.

19. “Lie down, Mohan”, the father said to his son.
Ans. The father ordered his son mohan to lie down.

20. “What shall I tell him, Mummy ?” the child asked.
Ans. The child asked her Mummy what he should tell her.

21. He said, “I do Yoga-asanas daily.”
Ans. He said that he do yoga-asanas daily.

22. “Go out and play for some time” said the mother to her son.
Ans. The mother told her son to go out and play for some time.

23. “What a ghastly accident!” the passer-by said.
Ans. The passer-by said that it was a ghastly accident.

24. The teacher said, “Oil floats on water.”
Ans. The teacher said that oil floats on water.


1. She …….. dance very well. (can/may)
Ans. can

2. You ……. give up smoking. (should/shall)
Ans. should

3. There …….. be some more buses. (ought to/would)
Ans. ought to

4. A servant …….. obey his master. (can/must)
Ans. must

5. ……. you wait for sometime ? (Should/Could)
Ans. Could

6. How …….. you insult me ? (may/done)
Ans. may

7. It ……. happen to anyone. (should/can)
Ans. can

8. You ……. consult some doctor. (must/would)
Ans. must

9. I …….. rather starve than steal. (would/may)
Ans. would

10. She ……. swim very well. (can/shall)
Ans. can

11. You ……. work hard this year. (must/would)
Ans. must

12. …….. I come in, sir ? (May/Will)
Ans. May

13. She expects that her son …….. return. (may/can)
Ans. may

14. She advised that I ……… curtail expenditure. (should/can)
Ans. should

15. She ……… not have left alone as it was raining heavily. (can/must)
Ans. can

16. If we request her, she …….. give a lift. (must/might)
Ans. might

17. ……… you work hard you will pass. (should/can)
Ans. Should

18. I am sure the Principal ……… be in his room. (might/must)
Ans. must

19. …….. our king live long! (May/Will)
Ans. May

20. Make haste lest you ……… get late. (will/should)
Ans. should

21. My friend did not help me though he ……… have helped. (could/will)
Ans. could

22. He went there so that he …….. borrow money. (can/might)
Ans. can

23. ……… you please help my son ? (Could/Might)
Ans. Could

24. I …… not go outside now. (dare/ought to)
Ans. dare


1. The thief stole a number of things.
Ans. A number of things were stolen by the thief.

2. When will he return your money ?
Ans. When your money shall be returned by him?

3. Kindly call in the doctor.
Ans. Let the doctor be called.

4. People play cricket all over the world.
Ans. Cricket is played all over the world.

5. Do not waste your time.
Ans. Let the time not be wasted.

6. He might have saved your life.
Ans. Your life might have been saved by him.

7. It is impossible to do it.
Ans. It is impossible to be done.

8. How did you cross the road ?
Ans. How the road was crossed by you?

9. I take tea every morning.
Ans. Tea is taken every morning by me.

10. Where did they see you ?
Ans. Where you were seen by them?

11. Could you solve this sum ?
Ans. Could this sum is solved by you?

12. Summon the peon.
Ans. Let the peon be summoned.

13. He encourages me.
Ans. I am encouraged by him.

14. Please come soon.
Ans. You are requested to come soon.

15. Then they put it on the table.
Ans. Then it is put on the table by them.

16. I would like someone to help me.
Ans. someone would be liked to help by me.

17. I don’t know the answer.
Ans. The answer is not known by me.

18. Don’t stay here.
Ans. You are requested not to stay here.

19. There is nothing to lose.
Ans. Nothing to lose.

20. Shall I eat the fruit ?
Ans. Shall the fruit be eaten by me?

21. The fruit tastes sweet.
Ans. The fruit are sweet when tasted.

22. Ganesh lifted the cat.
Ans. The cat was lifted by ganesh.

23. Do the work.
Ans. Let the work be done.



1. He …….. (be) a teacher since 1988.
Ans. has been

2. Last Saturday, I …….. (stay) at home.
Ans. stayed

3. She always …….. (find) faults with others.
Ans. finds

4. The clock …….. (just strike) twelve.
Ans. has just struck

5. I …….. (dig) in the garden since morning.
Ans. have been digging

6. What …….. (happen) if you fail ?
Ans. happened

7. We …….. (have) our dinner before she left.
Ans. had have

8. It …….. (happen) in the year 1924.
Ans. was happened

9. Run fast ! The train …….. (leave).
Ans. is leaving

10. He …….. (not come) back yet.
Ans. has not come

11. A pair of spectacles ………… broken. (is/are)
Ans. is

12. Ice …….. (melt) above 0° Celsius.
Ans. melts

13. More men than one ……. absent today. (was/were)
Ans. were

14. Neither of the two boys ………. done it. (has/have)
Ans. has

15. What evidence ………… these acts ? (is/are)
Ans. is

16. The director as well as the dancers ……. honoured. (was/were)
Ans. was

17. Four miles ………. not a long distance. (is/are)
Ans. is

18. Time and tide ………… for none. (wait/waits)
Ans. wait

19. I or he ……. to be rewarded. (am/is)
Ans. is

20. Many an accident ………. recently taken place. (has/have)
Ans. have

21. No student and no teacher ………… present. (was/were)
Ans. were

22.……. I or her to be rewarded ? (am/is)
Ans. Am

23. Five times ten ………. fifty. (is/are)
Ans. is

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