CBSE Class 12 Physical Education Chapter 6 Test & Measurement in Sports Important Question Answer

Class 12th
Subject Physical Education
Category Important Questions

CBSE Class 12 Physical Education Chapter 6 Test & Measurement in Sports Important Question Answer

Q1. What is the purpose of standing broad jump test.

Ans – To determine explosive leg strength of a student.

Q2. Write a test to measure flexibility.

Ans – Sit and Reach Test

Q3. Write a test to measure endurance.

Ans – 600M run, Partial curl-up, Push ups.

Q4. Define Motor fitness.

Ans – Motor fitness refers to the neuromuscular components of fitness, which enable a person to perform successfully at a particular motor skill, game, or activity. Specific motor fitness components include agility, balance, coordination, power, reaction time, and speed. Motor fitness is sometimes referred to as skill-related fitness.

Q5. Barrow motor ability test was developed by whom.

Ans – Harold M. Barrow in 1953.

Q6. What is Vo2 Max?
What is Aerobic Capacity?

Ans – The maximum rate of oxygen used by heart, lungs and muscles during the exercise. It also known to measure aerobic capacity of an individual.

Q7. Who developed Harvard step test.

Ans – Brouha in 1943

Q8. Explain the procedure and scoring of 600meter run/ walk.

Ans – Procedure:

  1. Student should be informed about the distance before the start of the run/ walk.
  2. One official will give command “On your mark” and “Go” with visual signal to the other official. The student will run or walk and cover the distance in the shortest possible time.
  3. The test may be done in a group, but the number of officials must be the same as the number of participants.

Scoring: The total time taken to complete the distance between the command “Go” and when the student crosses the finish line to nearest tenth of a second.

Q9. What is the purpose of Riklli and Jones fitness test? Explain the procedure of its any two test items in detail.

Ans – The senior citizen’s fitness test (SFT) was developed by Rikli and Jones for older people aged between 60 to 94 years. The purpose of the test was to evaluate functional ability and monitor the physical fitness status of older people and to identify problems and work on the weakness. This test should not be practiced by those who have any medical conditions like chest pain, dizziness, high blood pressure, heart problems etc.

Procedure of Rikli and Jones test –

1. 6 Minute Walk Test : Participant will start walking after the command “Go” and continuously walk on the track for 6 minutes. He /she has to cover maximum distance in 6 minutes but without running.

2. Back Stretch : In standing position participant will place one hand over the shoulder and one hand middle of the back and try to touch or overlap each other

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