Class 10 English Chapter 1 A Letter to God Important Question Answer – First Flight NCERT Solution

Class  10th
Subject English 
Book First Flight
Category Important Questions

Class 10 English Chapter 1 A Letter to God Important Questions

Long Questions

Q1. Why did Lencho write a letter to God ? Did he get any help ? If yes, by whom ? Most Important

Why did Lencho write a letter to God ? Who received the letter and what did he do ? Most Important

Ans – Lencho was a farmer. He was expecting a good harvest. But Unfortunately, a hailstorm cam and destroyed his crop completely. Now he had nothing to support the family. He had no money to purchase the seeds for sowing. He had a deep faith in God. He believed that God would help him. So he write a letter to God. He asked God for Hundred Pesos. A postman took out the letter and read the address on it and had a good laugh. He showed letter to the postmaster. The postmaster decide to help Lencho. So he colleted some money from his employeses and put this money into an envelope and addressed it to Lencho.

Q2. Why and how did the postmaster and post office employees help Lencho ? What was Lencho’s reaction ? (A Letter to God)

Write the story of Lencho’s faith in God. [A Letter to God] Most Important

Lencho described the post-office employees at a ‘bunch of crooks’. Were they really a bunch of crooks? Discuss.  (A Letter to God)

Ans – Lencho had a deep faith in God. When his crop was completely destroyed by the hailstorm then he asks for help from God. So he sent a letter to God. When postmaster read the letter, he decided to help Lencho. So he collected some money from his employees. He addressed it to Lencho. But the money was less than what Lencho had asked for. Next Sunday Lencho came to collect the money and counted it. Then he become angry. He wrote another letter to God and asked God to send him the rest of money. But he aksed God not to send money through the mail as the employees of post-office were a bunch of crooks. But actually they were helping the Lencho.

Short Questions

Q1. How did the rain change ? What happened to Lencho’s fields ? (A Letter to God)Most Important

Ans – The rain changed into hailstorm. Hails fell on the house, garden, hillside, the conefield and the whole valley. This hailstorm destroyed Lencho’s crop completely.

Q2. Was Lencho surprised to find a letter for him with money in it ?

Ans – No, Lencho was not surprised because he had deep believe in God and he knows that God will definitely help him.

Q3. Why does the postmaster send the money to Lencho ? Why does he sign the letter ‘God’ ? (A Letter to God) Most Important

Ans – Lencho had a deep faith in God. Postmaster did not want to break this love of Lencho towards God. So, The postmaster decided to send money to the Lencho. In Order to keep Lencho’s faith, he signs the letter ‘God’.

Q4. What did the postmaster do so as not to shake Lencho’s faith in God?

Ans – The postmaster Collected some money from his employees so he can help Lencho. He addressed the Letter to Lencho with sign of God so that Lencho’s faith in God don’t shake.

Q5. Why did Lencho keep gazing at the sky ?

Ans – Lencho was a farmer. He was gazing at the sky for raindrops so that his Corn crop can saved. When rain starts, he calls them new coins.

Q6. Why did Lencho say the raindrops were like ‘new coins’? ( A letter to God)

Ans – He said that because his crop needed rain to be a good harvest. Good harvest was like money to him. So when it rained he saw the raindrops in the form of ‘new coins’.

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