Class 10 English Chapter 2 The Thief’s Story Important Questions – Footprints Without Feet NCERT Solution

Class  10th
Subject English 
Book Footprints Without Feet
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Class 10 English Chapter 2 – The Thief’s Story Important Question Answer

Long Questions

Q1. How did Hari Singh rob Anil of his six hundred rupees ? What stopped him to run away ?

Ans – one came Anil came home with a bundle of notes. He told Hari that he had earned six hundred rupees by selling one of his books. Hari’s mouth watered at the sight of money. He decided to steal that money. Anil kept the bundle under his mattress and went to sleep. Now Hari Singh went into the room and silently took the money under the mattress. He went to the railway station to catch the train to Lucknow. But he missed the train and walked in the bazaars. Then Hari Singh remembered Anil. He imagined how sad Anil would be on finding the money stolen. Hari remembered that Anil used to teach him. He thought that without education he would remain a thief. But education might make him a big man. So, he decided to return the money.

Q2. Why did Hari Singh decide to return the stolen money ? What light does it throw on his character ? Most Important

Ans – After stealing the money when Hari Singh reached the station, he could not board the Lucknow Express though he could easily get on it. He stood alone on the deserted platform and thought about Anil who he knew would feel only sadness for the loss of trust when he discovered the theft. He felt that he should go back to Anil if only to read and write. So he decided to return to Anil feeling very nervous. The thief was very grateful to Anil and quite liked working for him. Since Anil was the most trusting man he had met. Anil’s confidence had awaken his conscience. He wanted to become a good man. Anil could only make him a good man. So he decided to come back to Anil and return the money that he had stolen.

Q3. Love can transform even a thief. How is it true in the case of Hari Singh ? (The Thief’s Story)

Ans – A boy name Hari singh start working for Anil. His primary aim was to rob him. Anil carelessness wins his heart. But the boy’s bad mind provokes him to rob Anil’s money. One day he rob his six hundred rupees and runs away to the station. But Anil love changes his mind. He decided to came back to Anil and return his money. This story proves that love can transform even a thief.

Q4. Give a brief character sketch of the thief in Ruskin Bond’s “The Thief’s Story”. Most Important
Write a character sketch of the thief boy.

Ans – The thief was a fifteen year old boy. But in this story he has been presented as a well experienced and skilful thief. He had a great knowledge of human behaviour. He knew that simple looking persons could be robbed easily. He had an understanding that a little flattery could help in making friends. He was clever enough to change his name to keep himself away from the police and his former employers. He was perfect in telling lies. He had a desire to become a big man in life. He robbed Anil of his six hundred rupees. But in one corner of his heart there was a sense of trust and goodness. He thought that he should not betray Anil. He had an ambition of becoming a big man and he knew that he could realise his ambition only when he is educated. Thus, he was an interesting character.

Q5. “The Thief ‘s Story” is in depth study of human mind. Discuss. Most Important

Ans – The human mind is a very complex thing. It is a mixture of opposite opinions. Sometimes a man fails to understand his own mind. In this story the same thing has been presented by Ruskin Bond through the character of a thief boy Hari Singh. The boy starts working for Anil. His primary aim was to rob him. Anil’s carelessness wins his heart. But the boy’s bad mind provokes him to rob Anil of his money. One day he robs his six hundred rupees and runs away to the station. But his good mind stops him boarding the train. He decides to come back to Anil and return his money. So this story is an in-depth study of human mind.

Short Questions

Q1. Why did Hari Singh hide his real name ? (The Thief’s Story)

Ans – Hari singh is not the real name of the boy. He Hide his real name from Anil because Changing the name kept him ahead of police and his former employees.

Q2. Why did Hari Singh’s heart sink when Anil met him in the morning ? (The Thief’s Story)

Ans – Hari Singh decided to go back to Anil and return the stolen money. He put money under the mattress. The next Morning, Anil gave Hari a 50Rs. note. The note was still wet. Hari thought that his crime had been discovered. But Anil told him that he had earned something. At this situation Hari Singh’s heart sink for Anil’s behaviour.

Q3. Why was the thief grateful to Anil? (‘The Thief’s Story’) Most Important

Ans – Hari singh, the thief was a uneducated person. He come to rob Anil. Anil had been teaching Hari Singh to read and write. He thought that without education, he would remain only a thief. Anil’s love and faith changed his mind. so the thief was greatful to Anil.

Q4. How old was Anil ? Most Important

Ans – Anil was about 25 Years old.

Q5. How can you say that Anil was easy going and extravagant ?

Ans – When Anil earns some money from writing articles for magazines, then he didn’t save money for his future. He spend his money in celebrations. So we can say that anil was easy going and extravagant.

Q6. What was Anil’s job? What did he usually do with the money he earned? (The Thief’s Story)

Ans – Anil was a writer. He wrote articles for magazines. He had no regular sources of income. When he earned some money, he would go out to celebrate.

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