Class 10 English Chapter 5 Footprints Without Feet Important Questions – Footprints Without Feet NCERT Solution

Class  10th
Subject English 
Book Footprints Without Feet
Category Important Questions

Class 10 English Chapter 5 – Footprints Without Feet Important Question Answer

Long Questions

Q1. Describe the policeman’s fight with the invisible man. (Footprints Without Feet) Most Important
Describe the scene when Mr. Jaffers tries to arrest “a man without a head”. (Footprints Without Feet)

Ans – One day, Griffin stole money from the clergyman’s house. The people of the village suspected Griffin. They thought that he had stolen the money. Mrs. Hall called a policeman. When the policeman reached there, he was surprised. Griffin had removed his spectacles, false nose and side whiskers. Now, he looked headless. The policeman was surprised as he had to arrest a headless man. He tried to catch Griffin. But Griffin started taking off his clothes one by one. He was becoming more and more invisible. In the end, he became totally invisible. The constable tried to fight with him. Some villagers also tried to help the policeman. But they received blows from nowhere. Then Griffin hit the policeman. He fell unconscious. Then Griffin became free and walked out.

Q2. Griffin was a brilliant scientist but not a good human being. Explain.

Ans – Griffin was a scientist. He made strange experiments. He discovered how to make human body invisible. Griffin was a lawless person. His landlord did not like him. He tried to get the house vacated. Griffin became angry. He set the house on fire. Then he became invisible and came out. He went into a big London store and stole clothes from there. Then he went to a shop of theatrical company. He stole clothes and other things from there. He attacked the shopkeeper and robbed him. Then he came to Iping village. He stayed at an inn. He stole money from a clergyman’s house. When the policeman came to arrest him, he became invisible and beat him. Then he became free and walked out. This showed that Griffin was a good scientist but not a good human being.

Q3. Describe Griffin’s adventures in a London store in the story Footprints Without Feet’.

Ans – Griffin took the invisible drug after set fire to his landlord’s house. He had to remove clothes to become invisible. It was the mid winter season. So he reached a London Store. Before the closing time he entered into store. After some time store was closed. Now he was free to do anything inside the store. He took some clothes and wore them. He was feeling hungry so he go to the kitchen and eat cold meat and drunk coffee. Then he lay on pile of quilts. The next morning, he did not wake up at time. The shop assistant saw him slept on quilts. The servants ran after him. Griffin took off his clothes one by one. He became invisible again and saved himself.

Short Questions

Q1. What curious episode occurs in the study ? Discuss. (Footprints without Feet)

Ans – one day, early in the morning, the clergyman and his wife heard noises in their study room. They went there. Then heard the chink of money. Someone was sealing money from the desk. They opened the door silently. But they found the room empty. Yet the money was missing from the desk.

Q2. Why does Mrs. Hall find the scientist eccentric ? (Footprints without Feet)

Ans – Mrs. Hall was the wife of the landlord of the village inning. Griffin, the scientist was staying there. She saw that Griffin always kept his room shut and locked. He did not want that anybody should disturb her. He said that he had come to enjoy solitude. His temper was irritable. All this made Mrs. Hall believe that the scientist was an eccentric.

Q3. Why was Griffin wandering the streets ? (Footprints without Feet) Most Important

Ans – Griffin had set on fire his landlord’s house. He removed his clothes and become invisible. Then he ran away from the house without being seen by any person. But he was now without clothes and without money. It was bitter cold and he could not do without clothes and without shelter. So he was wandering about the streets of London in search of some big London store for warmth.

Q4. Who were following the muddy footprints ? Most Important

Ans – Two boys was following the muddy footprints.

Q5. How did Griffin become invisible ?

Ans – Griffin was a brilliant scientist. He carried out experiment after experiment to prove that man could be made invisible. Finally he swallowed a rare drug and his body become as transparent as a sheet of glass. He then removed his clothes to become invisible.

Q6. How did the invisible man become visible ? Most Important

Ans – The invisible man entered a big London store. He broke open boxes and wrappers and fitted himself with warm clothes. He wore shoes, an overcoat and a hat. Now he was a fully visible man.

Q7. What did Griffin do in the house of the clergyman ?

Ans – Griffin go into the house of the clergyman. He stole the money from the house. The clergyman and his wife awakened after listening the voice from the room. when they go to check, they found that there is no money and room was empty.

Q8. How would you assess Griffin as a scientist?

Ans – Griffin was a brilliant scientist. He was bad in nature. He misuses his knowledge. He discovered a rare drug. He became invisible and misuses that drug. He stole clothes and money. He hit shopkeeper and robbed him. He stole the clergyman’s money from his desk.

Q9. After making a theft in the shop of a theatrical company where did Griffin decide to go ? Most Important

Ans – After making a theft in the shop of a theatrical company Griffin decided to go the village named Iping.

Q10. What reason did Griffin give Mrs Hall for coming to Iping? (Footprints Without Feet)

Ans – Griffin told Mrs. Hall that he had come to Iping for having rest. He said that he did not want to be disturbed in his work. He told her that his face had been affected in an accident.

Q11. Why were the two boys in London surprised and fascinated? (Footprints Without Feet)

Ans – Two boys saw the footprint in the muddy street of London but can not see anyone. so that they were surprised and fascinated.

Q12. What did Griffin do in the shop of a theatrical company? (Footprints Without Feet)

Ans – Griffin entered into the shop of theatrical company. Here he wore bandages round his forehead. He also wore dark glasses, a false nose and whiskers. Griffin robbed some money of shopkeeper also.

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