Class 10 English Chapter 6 The Making of a Scientist Important Questions – Footprints Without Feet NCERT Solution

Class  10th
Subject English 
Book Footprints Without Feet
Category Important Questions

Class 10 English Chapter 6 – The Making of a Scientist Important Question Answer

Long Questions

Q1. How did Ebright’s mother encourage him to become a scientist ?
How did Ebright’s mother help him in becoming a scientist ? Explain. (The Making of a Scientist)
Describe the role of his mother in making Ebright a scientist.

Ans – Ebright’s mother recognized his curiosity and encouraged him. She took him on trips. She also bought him telescopes, microscopes, cameras and other equipment so that he could follow his hobbies. Ebright’s mother was his friend until he started going school. She would bring home friends for him. Ebright’s mother would find work for him if he had nothing to do. She found learning tasks for him. He had great hunger for learning. He earned top grades in school. By the time he was in second grade, he had collected 25 species of butterflies. One day his mother gave him a children’s book. It opened the world of science to Ebright.

Short Questions

Q1. To which field of science has Richard H. Ebright contributed ? Most Important

Ans – Richard Ebright contributed in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. He gave theory about that how the cells can read the blueprints of its DNA.

Q2. What were hobbies of Ebright in his childhood ? Most Important

Ans – Ebright’s hobby was collecting things. Ebright was fascinated by butterflies. He stated collecting butterflies in kindergarten. He also collected rocks, fossils and coins. He also became a star-gazer and an eager astronomer.

Q3. How did Richard Ebright’s mother help him ?

Ans – Richard mother found that he was curious about things around him. She encouraged him to pursue his interest further. She was a source of inspiration for him. She bring some equipments for Richard to do some experiments.

Q4. What lesson does Ebright learn when he does not win anything at a science fair ? (The Making of a Scientist) Most Important

Ans – Ebright learns a mere display of things does not win any prize at the science fair. He must conduct some real experiments. Later when he does real experiments, he wins prizes at the science fairs.

Q5. Why did viceroy butterflies copy monarchs ? What was the similarity between them ? (The Making of a Scientist) Most Important

Ans – Richard Ebright told according to a theory of viceroy butterflies copy monarch because birds don’t eat monarch butterflies and viceroy butterflies becomes food of birds. So viceroy butterflies try to look like monarch butterflies.

Q6. Which book did Ebright’s mother give him to ? Most Important

Ans – ‘The Travel of Monarch X’ book was given to Ebright’s mother.

Q7. Which theory is discovered by Ebright ? Most Important

Ans – Richard Ebright discovered that how the cell can read the blueprints of its DNA.

Q8. Which book did Ebright’s mother give him? How did this book change his life? (The Making of a Scientist)

Ans – Ebright mother gave him a children’s book ‘The Travels of Monarch X’. It describes how monarch butterflies migrate to central America. This book fascinated him toward butterflies. He devoted his time to the study of butterflies and won many prizes. In this way, this book changed his life.

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