Class 10 English Chapter 7 The Necklace Important Questions – Footprints Without Feet NCERT Solution

Class  10th
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Book Footprints Without Feet
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Class 10 English Chapter 7 – The Necklace Important Question Answer

Long Questions

Q1. Necklace played important role in the life of the Loisels. Comment.

Ans – Mr. and Mrs. Loisel bought another necklace for thirty six thousand francs to replace the lost one. Mr Loisel had eighteen thousand francs of his own. He borrowed the rest of eighteen thousand francs on very high rates of interest. After this incident their life changed a lot. They discharged their maid. They changed their lodgings and rented some rooms in an attic. Madame Loisel learnt the odious work of kitchen. She washed the dishes and soiled clothes. She went to market herself for shopping. Mr Loisel started working for some merchant in the evening. At night he often did copying at five sous per page. This life lasted for ten years.

Q2. What did Loisel bring home one evening ? How did Matilda react to it ? (The Necklace)

Ans – One day Mr Loisel came with a invitation of a dance party given by the minister of Public Instructions. He thinks that Matilda will be happy to get the invitation. But she becomes sad. She tells her husband that she has nothing to wear at party. Her husband spends all his savings and buys a beautiful gown for her. Now she complains that she has no jewellery. Without it she would be considered a poor lady. So her husband advises her to borrow some ornament from her wealthy friend. Then she borrows a diamond necklace. Now, At the party, Matilda looks very beautiful.

Q3. Describe the kind of life that Mrs. Loisel dreamed of ?

Ans – Mrs Loisel was pretty and charming. She was married to a clerk. She lead an ordinary existence. but she was not happy. She felt that she should have been born in a rich family. She wanted to lead a life of luxury. She dreamed of beautiful and costly curtains. She dreamed of her private room which was filled with very good perfume. She wanted to enjoy the company of rich and famous guests. She disliked her simple meal. She dreamed of delicious dinners served in shining silver wares. She dreamed of having a number of attractive dresses and costly ornaments.

Q4. What kind of life did Matilda and her husband live after the loss of the diamond necklace ? (The Necklace)

Ans – After the lost of the diamond necklace, the couple needed a new diamond necklace which cost of thirty six thousand francs. They raised a loan of eighteen thousand francs for purchasing the necklace. Now Loisel and his wife worked hard in order to repay the loan. They changed their lifestyle. They shifted to a small room. They dismissed their maid. Mrs Loisel did all her household work herself. She  had to be very frugal in her purchases. She bargained for small amounts. After ten years of hard work, they were able to pay off their debt. But due to their hard work Mrs Loisel looked old. She become a ordinary women of a poor house. Thus the couple’s life was completely changed after that loan for necklace.

Short Questions

Q1. What was the cause of Mrs Loisel’s suffering ?
What was the cause of Mrs. Loisel’s ceaseless suffering ?

Ans –   Matilda Loisel borrow a diamond necklace from his rich friend for a party. But she lost the necklace. She goes into a big debt due to this incident. After ten years of suffering, she was able to pay off their debt.

Q2. What kind of a person is Mme Loisel ? Why is she always unhappy? Most Important
Why was Matilda Loisel always unhappy ? (The Necklace) Most Important

Ans –  Mme. Loisel was a beautiful lady. She thought that she was for riches and all luxuries of life. But by mistake she had been born in a family of clerks. She had no dowry, no hopes and chance to be married by a rich or distinguished person. Therefore, she was married to a petty clerk in education department. His salary was too merge to provide Matilda a glamorous life she always dreamed of. so she was always unhappy.

Q3. What did Loisel do to replace the necklace ?

Ans – They bought a new diamond necklace which looked exactly like the lost one. They borrowed money from lenders at high rates. Thus, they fell in the heavy debt. They led a very hard life ten long years to repay the loan.

Q4. How did the Loisel react when they realized that the necklace had been lost ? (The Necklace)

Ans – Matilda Loisel get into a shock about the lost of necklace. Her husband gone for the search of the necklace whereas Matilda remained in her evening gown, not having the force to go to bed.

Q5. How did Matilda come to know the real cost of the necklace ? (The Necklace)

Ans – After the lost of necklace Matilda give another diamond necklace and they got in high debt. After 10 Long years they pay all the debt. One day Mrs. Forestier meet Matilda and then Matilda told him the truth about the necklace. Then Mrs. Forestier said that the necklace was not more then 500 francs. This time she knows the real cost of the necklace.

Q6. How did Mrs. Loisel got the jewels to wear to the ball ? Most Important

Ans – The problem of jewellery was solved by the suggestion of her husband. He asked her to see Madam Forestier and borrow a jewellery for her. She borrow a diamond necklace to wear at the ball.

Q7. What was the actual cost of Mme. Forestier’s necklace ? Most Important

Ans – Actual cost of Mme. Forestier’s necklace was not more than 500 francs.

Q8. What fresh problem now disturbs Mme. Loisel after receiving the invite ?

Ans – After receiving the invite Mme. Loisel start to worry about their clothes and ornaments. She had noting to wear at party which can show him more attractive. Her husband spends all his savings and buys a beautiful gown for her. Now she started to complains that she has no Jewellery.

Q9. How was, Mrs. Matilda Loisel ‘a mistake of destiny’? (The Necklace)

Ans – Mrs. Matilda Loisel was born in a poor family but she was vey charming and pretty. She appeared to be a lady of high family. Her parents did not have enough money, she was married to a clerk. She wanted to lead a life of Luxury and Comfort. So, the writer says that she was ‘a mistake of destiny’.

Q10. What kind of a person is Loisel’s husband ?

Ans – Loisel’s husband is a simple-hearted person. He works as a clerk. He loves his wife deeply. He wants to see his wife always happy.

Q11. How much time did the Loisels take to repay the loan ? Most Important

Ans – The Loisel took ten years to repay the loan.

Q12. What type of person is Mr. Loisel ?

Ans – Mr. Loisel is a very simple hearted person. He works as a clerk. He loves his wife deeply. He wants to see his wife always happy.

Q13. What did Mrs. Matilda Loisel’s husband bring home one evening? Why was he so elated? (The Necklace)

Ans – One evening, Her husband came with a invitation card for a party at the Minister of Public Instruction. He was so elated because he thought that it would make his wife happy after see this invitation.

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