Class 10 English Poem 2 Fire and Ice Important Question Answer – First Flight NCERT Solution

Class  10th
Subject English 
Book First Flight
Category Important Questions

Class 10 English Poem 2 Fire and Ice Important Questions

Q1. What do different people say about the end of the World ? What is the poet’s view ?

What are the ideas about how the world will end ? (Fire and Ice)

Ans – Some people think that some day the world shall end in fire. On the other hand , some people say that it will end in ice. The poet has taste both the fire and the ice. He think that the world will end in fire. Here fire stand for the fire of desire of peoples.

Q2. What is the central idea of Robert Frost’s poem Fire and Ice’? Discuss.

What message do you get from the poem, ‘Fire and Ice’?

Ans – The main idea of the poem is that there are violent passions in the world. They are destructive. But More destructive than those violent desires is the hatred between man and man. The poet thinks that one day this hate will destroy the world.

Short Questions

Q1. What are the symbols of fire and ice in the poem ‘Fire and Ice’ ? Most Important

Ans – ‘Fire’ is a symbol of lust and endless desires in the poem where ‘Ice’ is a symbol of hatred in the poem ‘Fire and Ice’.

Q2. How will the world end twice?

Ans – The poet says that both fire and ice are destructive in the world. Here fire means Desires and Ice means hatred. Poet thinks that world will end the endless desires of peoples. It is will survive than hatred destroy this beautiful world.

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