Class 10 English Poem 5 The Ball Poem Important Question Answer – First Flight NCERT Solution

Class  10th
Subject English 
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Class 10 English Poem 5 The Ball Poem Important Questions

Long Questions

Q1. What is the theme of the poem “The Ball Poem”? Most Important
Write a brief summary of John Berryman’s poem ‘The Ball Poem’ in your own words. Most Important

“John Berryman’s “The Ball Poem” tells us about our reactions at some material loss.” Discuss.

Ans –  John Berryman in his poem ‘The Ball Poem’ tells us about our reaction at some material loss. A boy losses his ball in the water. He is very upset at the loss of the ball. A ball does not cost very much and it is not even difficult to buy a new ball for the boy. The poet wants to understand the boy that losing things is a common thing of life so don’t upset on this.

Short Questions

Q1. What does John Berryman notice at the beginning of “The Ball Poem” ?

Ans – The poet John Berryman notice at the beginning of poem that a boy is playing near a harbour with a ball. The poet saw his ball bouncing. It bounced and fell into the water of the harbour. Now boy lost his ball. He become upset after losing the ball.

Q2. What is the effect of the loss of the ball on the boy ?

Ans – After loss of the ball, boy become upset. The ball is fallen into harbour water and now the boy can not get his ball back. He trembles and stares into the harbour. His bad memories came into his mind after losing of ball.

Q3. What does “in the world of possessions” mean in the poem ‘The Ball Poem’ ? Most Important

Ans – ‘In the world of Possessions’ means the world of materialistic things. In such a world ones possessions carry importance for people.

Q4. Why does not the poet offer to give money or buy another ball for the boy who has lost his ball ?

Ans – The poet says that he will not intrude upon the boy because he must learn to tolerate loss. The poet emphasises this loss of ball. He thinks that money can not compensate the sense of loss. So he does not offer to give money or buy another ball for the boy.

Q5. What has the boy lost ? How does the boy react to it ?

Ans – The lost his ball in the water of harbour where he was playing with his ball. The boy become sad after loss of the ball. He stares at the harbour for his ball.

Q6. Why does the poet say, “Balls will be lost always” ?

Ans – Here balls are the symbol of materialistic things which are lost many times in human life. We love our things and becomes upset when we loss our materialistic things. The poet want to tell us with the help of ball that materialistic things are always lost. They are not permanent in our life. This is experienced by everyone in life.

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