Class 8 Science Chapter 1 Notes – Crop Production and Management NCERT Solution

Class 8th
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Class 8 Science Chapter 1 Notes – Crop Production and Management

Crop:– When Plants of the Same Kind are Cultivated at one Place on a Large Scale is Called Crop. There are Two Type of Crops:

  • Kharif Crop: The Crop which is Sown in the Rainy Season are Called Kharif Crop. It Generally Sown from June to September. Examples-Maize, soyabean, cotton, groundnut.
  • Rabi Crops: The Crop Which is Sown in Winter Season are Called Rabi Crops. It Generally Sown From October to March. Examples- Wheat, Gram, Pea, Mustard, linseed. Basic Practices of Crop Production.

Preparation of Soil: Here we Prepare our Land For Crop Production. We Make our Soli Loose for More Fertilize our Soil. It’s Done with Plough, Hoe and Some other Equipment.

Sowing: Here we Sow our Seeds. For Sowing, it is Important That Seeds will be High Quality. We Generally Use Seed Drill for Sowing seeds in our Fields.

Adding Manure and Fertilisers: Substances that are added in the Soil for Increase Its Nutrition Power for the growth of Plants are Called Manure and Fertilisers. For Increase Nutrition of Another Kind, we Use a Technique called Crop Rotation.

Irrigation: Give the Supply of Water to Crops at Regular Interval of Time is Called Irrigation. For Irrigation, we Use Sources Like Wells, Tubewells, Ponds, Lakes, Rivers, dams and Canals. Traditional Methods for Irrigation are Moat, Chain Pump, Dhekli, Rahat and Modern Methods are Sprinkler System and Drip System.

Protection From Weeds: Some Undesirable Plants Comes out With Our Crop is called Weeds. we Have to Protect Our crop Form These Weeds.

Harvesting: The Cutting of Crop After it is Mature is Called Harvesting. Gains are Separated From Chaff with a Process of Threshing and Winnowing. Storage: Protection of Crop After Harvesting form Moisture, Insects, Rats, and Microorganisms. When we Care of Animals for Earn Money is called Animal Husbandry.


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