Class 9 Economics Chapter 4 Notes – Food Security in India NCERT Solution

Class 9th
Subject Social Science (Economics)
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Class 9 Economics Chapter 4 Notes – Food Security in India

Food Security: Food Security means availability, accessibility and affordability of food to all people at all time.

Famine: A famine is characterised by wide spread deaths due to starvation and epidemic caused by forced uses of contaminated water or decaying food and loss of body resistance due to weakening from the starvation.

Why Food Security: Most of the persons below and above poverty line face the problem of food security due to a National disaster like tsunami, earthquake, Flood, Failure of crop causing famine.

Who are food Insecure: In India, the worst affected groups are landless people with little or no land to depend upon, traditional artisans, providers of traditional services, petty self-employed workers and destitutes including Beggars.

Major Food Insurity areas in India: Orissa, Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh and some parts of Madhya Pradesh.

Food Security System by Government: For Provide food to people Government of india Made a system of Two Components.
1. Buffer Stock – Buffer Stock is the stock of foodgrains, namely wheat and rice produced by the government through food corporation of india ( FCI ). The FCI purchases wheat and rice from farmers in surplus production states. FCI Purchases this at Fixed price determined by government called Minimum Support Price. Then Sell Them at a lower price than market price called Issue Price.
2. Public Distribution System – The Food Produced by the FCI is distributed through Government regulated shops among the poorer section of the society. This is called Public Distribution System ( PDS ).

Schemes for food Security: In 2000, the Government of India Released two main schemes for food security.
• Anthyodaya Anna Yojana
• Annapura Scheme

Role of Cooperatives in food security: The Cooperatives also help people in providing food for people. Example – Mother Dairy, Amu

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