Electricity Class 10 Science Chapter 11 MCQ Question Answer NCERT Solution

NCERT Class 10 Science Chapter 11 Electricity MCQ Question Answer Solution For School Students of Class 10th. We also Provides Notes and Important Questions for Class 10 Science. NCERT Class 10th Science book is applied in mostly boards like CBSE, HBSE, RBSE, Up Board, MP Board and also some other state boards.

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NCERT Class 10 Science Chapter 11 Electricity MCQ Question and Answer for CBSE, HBSE and Other Boards Solution.

Electricity Class 10 Science MCQ

1.  Which of the following terms does not represent electrical power in the
circuit ?
(A) P=VI
(B) P= I2 R
(C) P = IR2
(D) P = V2/R


Ans. (C) P = IR2

2. Number of electrons constituting one coulomb of charge is
(A) 6.25×1018 electrons
(B) 1.25×1019 electrons
(C) 5.25×1018 electrons
(D) 0.25×1018 electrons


Ans. (A) 6.25×1018 electrons

3. Commercial unit of electrical energy one kilowatt hr. (1kWh) is equivalent to :
(A) 3.6 × 106 Watt second
(B) 3.6 × 106 J
(C) Both (A) and (B)
(D) None of these


Ans. (B) 3.6 × 106 J

4. The resistance of a uniform metallic conductor depends on :
(A) Length of conductor
(B) Area of cross-section
(C) Nature of material
(D) All of the above.


Ans. (D) All of the above.

5. Which of the following can be used to measure the potential difference ?
(A) Ammeter
(B) Voltmeter
(C) Both (A) & (B)
(D) None of these.


Ans. (B) Voltmeter

6. An electric bulb is rated 220 V and 100 W. When it is operated on 110 V, the power consumed will be :
(A) 75 W
(B) 100 W
(C) 50 W
(D) 25 W


Ans. (D) 25 W.

7. If the length of copper wire is doubled keeping same area of cross section, its resistivity will :
(A) Doubled
(B) Halved
(C) Remains same
(D) None of these


Ans. (B) Halved

8. If the cross-sectional area of an Aluminium wire is doubled and length remaining same, its resistivity will :
(A) Remain same
(B) Doubled
(C) Halved
(D) None of these.


Ans.  (B) Doubled.

9. SI unit of current is
(A) Ampere
(B) Volt
(C) Watt
(D) Ohm


Ans. (A) Ampere

10. SI unit of resistance is
(A) Ohm (Ω)
(B) Ampere
(C) Watt
(D) Volt


Ans. (A) Ohm (Ω)

11. An electric bulb is connected to a 220V generator and current is 0.50A. Then power of bulb is
(A) 100W
(B) 110W
(C) 50W
(D) 150W


Ans. (A) 100W

12. Which of the following is Ohm’s law?
(A) V ∝ I
(B) V ∝ R
(C) I ∝ R
(D) none of the above.


Ans. (A) V ∝ I.

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