HBSE Class 10 English Important Questions Answer 2021

CBSE Class 10 English Footprints Without feet important questions and Answers 2021 with Chapter wise question answer. All These questions are asked in Previous Years of Haryana Board ( HBSE). So if you prepare these questions and answer these you got almost 80% questions from these questions. Keep in mind that these questions are asked in previous three years. Below described question are class 10 important questions 2021 for hbse but some are most important it means some of below described questions are asked almost in every set of previous exams of class 10 English. All Questions are also described in ending of the question that the particular important question is 5 marks or 2 marks or 1 marks questions.

Chapter 1- A Triumph of Surgery Important Questions

Question 1. What was the problem with Tricki ? How did Mr. Herriot cure it ? ( 5 Marks )

Ans. Tricki Main Problem was that he was greedy for eating food. Mr. Herriot knows about the problem of Tricki. One day Tricki become listless. He is not eating food even his favourite dishes. So Mrs. Pumphrey make a frantic call to Mr. Herriot. Now Mr. Herriot says to Mrs. Pumphrey that we have to do a surgery for save the Tricki. Mr. Herriot bring the dog into his hospital. For two days Mr. Herriot don’t give any food to Tricki. Now Tricki started showing interest in surroundings. After two days Mr. Herriot started giving him limited food. After a week, Tricki started playing with other dogs and the problem to Tricki cured.

Question 2. Who was Tricki ? How did Mrs. Pumphrey add to its problem ? ( 2 Marks )

Ans. Tricki was the pet dog of Mrs. Pumphrey. Tricki was a greedy dog but after poor health of Tricki, Mr. Herriot advised to Mrs. Pumphrey not to feed much food to Tricki. Some days Mrs. Pumphrey follow the instructions but after few days Mrs. Pumphrey started feed again to Tricki. Due to this diet, Tricki become unhealthy.

Question 3. Why is the narrator tempted to keep Tricki on as a permanent guest ? ( 2 Marks ) ( Most Important )

Ans. Mrs. Pumphrey sent wine to enrich Tricki’s blood. Later she stated to send brandy and eggs for him. Tricki did not need all these things. Mr. Herriot and his helpers had a good breakfast with eggs. They had good lunch with wine and a grand dinner with brandy. So it was a temptation for Mr. Herriot to keep Ticki as a Permanent guest.

Question 4. Why is Mrs. Pumphrey worried about Tricki ? ( 2 Marks )

Ans. Tricki is a small per dog of Mrs. Pumphrey. One day he become listless. He seemed to have no energy. He refused to eat even his favourite dish. So Mrs. Pumphrey thought that tricki was suffering from malnutrition.

Question 5. What was Mr. Herriot’s strict advice ? Did Mrs. Pumphrey pay heed to his advice ? ( 2 Marks )

Ans. Mr. Herriot strict advice was about caring of Tricki. He advised to  Mrs. Pumphery that she had to give a limited food to his dog Tricki. Mrs. Pumphrey pay heed for some days and after few days she again started over feeding again.

Question 6. Why did Mrs. Pumphrey make a frantic call to Mr. Herriot ? ( 2 Marks ) ( most Important )

Ans. Tricki is a small dog of Mrs. Pumphrey. One day Tricki become listless. He seemed to have no energy. He refused to eat his favourite dish. So Mrs. Pumphrey make a frantic call to Mr. Herriot.

Question 7. When Tricki was seriously ill, whom did Mrs. Pumphrey make a frantic call ? ( 1 Mark )

Ans. Mrs. Pumphrey make a frantic call to Mr. Herriot.

Question 8. What was Tricki’s real disease ? ( 1 Mark )

Ans. Tricki real disease was over eating of food.

Chapter 2 – The Thief’s Story Important Questions

Question 1. How did Hari Singh rob Anil of his six hundred rupees ? What stopped him to run away ? ( 5 Marks )

Ans. one came Anil came home with a bundle of notes. He told Hari that he had earned six hundred rupees by selling one of his books. Hari’s mouth watered at the sight of money. He decided to steal that money. Anil kept the bundle under his mattress and went to sleep. Now Hari Singh went into the room and silently took the money under the mattress. He went to the railway station to catch the train to Lucknow. But he missed the train and walked in the bazaars. Then Hari Singh remembered Anil. He imagined how sad Anil would be on finding the money stolen. Hari remembered that Anil used to teach him. He thought that without education he would remain a thief. But education might make him a big man. So, he decided to return the money.

Question 2. “The Thief ‘s Story” is in depth study of human mind. Discuss. ( 5 Marks )

Ans. The human mind is a very complex thing. It is a mixture of opposite opinions. Sometimes a man fails to understand his own mind. In this story the same thing has been presented by Ruskin Bond through the character of a thief boy Hari Singh. The boy starts working for Anil. His primary aim was to rob him. Anil’s carelessness wins his heart. But the boy’s bad mind provokes him to rob Anil of his money. One day he robs his six hundred rupees and runs away to the station. But his good mind stops him boarding the train. He decides to come back to Anil and return his money. So this story is an in-depth study of human mind.

Question 3. Why did Hari Singh decide to return the stolen money ? What light does it throw on his character ? ( 5 Marks )

Ans. After stealing the money when Hari Singh reached the station, he could not board the Lucknow Express though he could easily get on it. He stood alone on the deserted platform and thought about Anil who he knew would feel only sadness for the loss of trust when he discovered the theft. He felt that he should go back to Anil if only to read and write. So he decided to return to Anil feeling very nervous. The thief was very grateful to Anil and quite liked working for him. Since Anil was the most trusting man he had met. Anil’s confidence had awaken his conscience. He wanted to become a good man. Anil could only make him a good man. So he decided to come back to Anil and return the money that he had stolen.

Question 4. Give a brief character sketch of the thief in Ruskin Bond’s “The Thief’s Story”. ( 5 Marks )

Ans.The thief was a fifteen year old boy. But in this story he has been presented as a well experienced and skilful thief. He had a great knowledge of human behaviour. He knew that simple looking persons could be robbed easily. He had an understanding that a little flattery could help in making friends. He was clever enough to change his name to keep himself away from the police and his former employers. He was perfect in telling lies. He had a desire to become a big man in life. He robbed Anil of his six hundred rupees. But in one corner of his heart there was a sense of trust and goodness. He thought that he should not betray Anil. He had an ambition of becoming a big man and he knew that he could realise his ambition only when he is educated. Thus, he was an interesting character.

Question 5. Why did Hari Singh hide his real name ? ( 2 Marks )

Ans. Hari singh is not the real name of the boy. He Hide his real name from Anil because Changing the name kept him ahead of police and his former employees.

Question 6. How old was Anil ? ( 1 Mark )

Ans. Anil was about 25 Years old.

Chapter 5 – Footprints Without Feet Important Questions

Question 1. Describe the policeman’s fight with the invisible man. ( 5 Marks )

Ans. One day, Griffin stole money from the clergyman’s house. The people of the village suspected Griffin. They thought that he had stolen the money. Mrs. Hall called a policeman. When the policeman reached there, he was surprised. Griffin had removed his spectacles, false nose and side whiskers. Now, he looked headless. The policeman was surprised as he had to arrest a headless man. He tried to catch Griffin. But Griffin started taking off his clothes one by one. He was becoming more and more invisible. In the end, he became totally invisible. The constable tried to fight with him. Some villagers also tried to help the policeman. But they received blows from nowhere. Then Griffin hit the policeman. He fell unconscious. Then Griffin became free and walked out.

Question 2. Griffin was a brilliant scientist but not a good human being. Explain. ( 5 Marks )

Ans. Griffin was a scientist. He made strange experiments. He discovered how to make human body invisible. Griffin was a lawless person. His landlord did not like him. He tried to get the house vacated. Griffin became angry. He set the house on fire. Then he became invisible and came out. He went into a big London store and stole clothes from there. Then he went to a shop of theatrical company. He stole clothes and other things from there. He attacked the shopkeeper and robbed him. Then he came to Iping village. He stayed at an inn. He stole money from a clergyman’s house. When the policeman came to arrest him, he became invisible and beat him. Then he became free and walked out. This showed that Griffin was a good scientist but not a good human being.

Question 3. How did the invisible man become visible ? ( 2 Marks )

Ans. The invisible man entered a big London store. He broke open boxes and wrappers and fitted himself with warm clothes. He wore shoes, an overcoat and a hat. Now he was a fully visible man.

Question 4. What did Griffin do in the house of the clergyman ? ( 2 Marks )

Ans. Griffin go into the house of the clergyman. He stole the money from the house. The clergyman and his wife awakned after listening the voice from the room. when they go to check, they found that there is no money and room was empty.

Question 5. Why does Mrs. Hall find the scientist eccentric ? ( 2 Marks )

Ans. Mrs. Hall was the wife of the landlord of the village inning. Griffin, the scientist was staying there. She saw that Griffin always kept his room shut and locked. He did not want that anybody should disturb her. He said that he had come to enjoy solitude. His temper was irritable. All this made Mrs. Hall believe that the scientist was an eccentric.

Question 6. How did Griffin become invisible ? ( 2 Marks ) ( Most Important )

Ans. Griffin was a brilliant scientist. He carried out experiment after experiment to prove that man could be made invisible. Finally he swallowed a rare drug and his body become as transparent as a sheet of glass. He then removed his clothes to become invisible.

Question 7. Why was Griffin wandering in the streets ? ( 2 Marks ) ( Most Important )

Ans. Griffin had set on fire his landlord’s house. He removed his clothes and become invisible. Then he ran away from the house without being seen by any person. But he was now without clothes and without money. It was bitter cold and he could not do without clothes and without shelter. So he was wandering about the streets of London in search of some big London store for warmth.

Question 8. After making a theft in the shop of a theatrical company where did Griffin decide to go ? ( 1 Mark )

Ans. After making a theft in the shop of a theatrical company Griffin decided to go the village named Iping.

Question 9. Who were following the muddy footprints ? ( 1 Mark )

Ans. Two boys was following the muddy footprints.

Chapter 6 – The Making of a Scientist Important Questions

Question 1. Describe the role of his mother in making Ebright a scientist. ( 5 Marks )

Ans. Ebright’s mother recognized his curiosity and encouraged him. She took him on trips. She also bought him telescopes, microscopes, cameras and other equipment so that he could follow his hobbies. Ebright’s mother was his friend until he started going school. She would bring home friends for him. Ebright’s mother would find work for him if he had nothing to do. She found learning tasks for him. He had great hunger for learning. He earned top grades in school. By the time he was in second grade, he had collected 25 species of butterflies. One day his mother gave him a children’s book. It opened the world of science to Ebright.

Question 2. To which field of science did Richard H. Bright contribute ? ( 2 Marks )

Ans. Richard Ebright contributed in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. He gave theory about that how the cells can read the blueprints of its DNA.

Question 3. What were the hobbies of Ebright in his childhood ? ( 2 Marks )

Ans. Ebright’s hobby was collecting things. Ebright was fascinated by butterflies. He stated collecting butterflies in kindergarden. He also collected rocks, fossils and coins. He also became a star-gazer and an eager astronomer.

Question 4. Why did viceroy butterflies copy monarchs ? What was the similarity between them ? ( 2 Marks )

Ans. Richard Ebright told according to a theory of viceroy butterflies copy moncrch because birds don’t eat monarch butterflies and viceroy butterflies becomes food of birds. So viceroy butteflies try to look like monarch butterflies.

Question 5. How did Richard Ebright’s mother help him ? ( 2 Marks )

Ans. Richard mother found that he was curious about things around him. She encouraged him to pursue his interest further. She was a source of inspiration for him. She bring some equipments for Richard to do some experiments.

Question 6. Which book did Ebright’s mother give him to ? ( 1 Mark )

Ans. ‘The Travel of Monarch X’ book was given to Ebright’s mother.

Question 7. Which theory is discovered by Ebright ? ( 1 Mark )

Ans. Richard Ebright discovered that how the cell can read the blueprints of its DNA.

Chapter 7 – The Necklace Important Questions

Question 1. Necklace played important role in the life of the Loisels. Comment. ( 5 Marks )

Ans. Mr. and Mrs. Loisel bought another necklace for thirty six thousand francs to replace the lost one. Mr Loisel had eighteen thousand francs of his own. He borrowed the rest of eighteen thousand francs on very high rates of interest. After this incident their life changed a lot. They discharged their maid. They changed their lodgings and rented some rooms in an attic. Madame Loisel learnt the odious work of kitchen. She washed the dishes and soiled clothes. She went to market herself for shopping. Mr Loisel started working for some merchant in the evening. At night he often did copying at five sous per page. This life lasted for ten years.

Question 2. What type of person is Mr. Loisel ? ( 2 Marks )

Ans. Mr. Loisel is a very simple hearted person. He works as a clerk. He loves his wife deeply. He wants to see his wife always happy.

Question 3. How did the Loisel react when they realized that the necklace had been lost ? ( 2 Marks )

Ans. Matilda Losiel get into a shock about the lost of necklace. Her husband gone for the search of the necklace whereas Matilda remained in her evening gown, not having the force to go to bed.

Question 4. How did Matilda come to know the real cost of the necklace ? ( 2 Marks )

Ans. After the lost of necklace Matilda give another diamond necklace and they got in high debt. After 10 Long years they pay all the debt. One day Mrs. Forestier meet Matilda and then Matilda told him the truth about the nceklace. Then Mrs. Forestier said that the nacklace was not more then 500 francs. This time she knows the real cost of the necklace.

Question 5. How did Matilda get the jewels to wear at the ball ? ( 2 Marks )

Ans. The problem of jewellery was solved by the suggestion of her husband. He asked her to see Madam Forestier and borrow a jewellery for her. She borrow a diamond necklace to wear at the ball.

Question 6. What kind of a person is Mme Loisel ? Why is she always unhappy ? ( 2 Marks ) ( Most Important )

Ans.  Mme. Loisel was a beautiful lady. She thought that she was for riches and all luxuries of life. But by mistake she had been born in a family of clerks. She had no dowry, no hopes and chance to be married by a rich or distinguished person. Therefore, she was married to a petty clerk in education department. His salary was too merge to provide Matilda a glamorous life she always dreamed of.

Question 7. What did Loisel do to replace the necklace ? ( 2 Marks )

Ans.  They bought a new diamond necklace which looked exactly like the lost one. They borrowed money from lenders at high rates. Thus, they fell in the heavy debt. They led a very hard life ten long years to repay the loan.

Question 8. How much time did the Loisels take to repay the loan ? ( 1 Mark )

Ans. The Loisel took ten years to repay the loan.

Question 9. What was the actual cost of Mme. Forestier’s necklace ? ( 1 Mark ) ( Most Important )

Ans. Actual cost of Mme. Forestier’s  necklace was not more than 500 francs.

Chapter 8 – The Hack Driver Important Questions

Question 1. Write a character sketch of the hack driver. ( 5 Marks )

Ans. The hack driver was about forty years old with red faced, cheerful and thick about the middle. The hack driver was friendly in nature. He helps him in search of Oliver Lutkins. The hack driver told his name to the lawyer was bill. But actually he was Oliver Lutkins himself. The hack driver took the lawyer firstly on Fritz’s shop. Then he took him to the Gustaff’s Barber shop. After that bill took him to Oliver Mother house. After spending whole day, the lawyer returned. On the second visit he finds that the hack driver is Oliver Lutkins himself.

Question 2. Who was Lutkins ? ( 2 Marks )

Ans. Oliver Lutkins was a hack driver in New Mullion. He is a cheat. he borrows money from different persons. But he never pays them back. He is able to cheat the narrator also. But he is a cheerful and friendly person.

Question 3. What does the lawyer think about New Mullion and how does he find on visit ? ( 2 Marks )

Ans. The lawyer think that New Mullion will be a beautiful and clean place with nature but when he reached New Mullion, he found its street like river of mud with rows of wooden shop.

Question 4. How did Lutkins’ mother treat the lawyer ? ( 2 Marks )

Ans. When the lawyer went at the house of Lutkin’s mother and tell the issue. Then she agreed with the lawyer and said him to follow her. She sized an iron from the old-fashioned stove and marched on the lawyer with shouting ” You search all you want to __ if you don’t mind getting burnt first”.

Question 5. Who befriends the lawyer ? Where does he take him ? ( 2 Marks )

Ans.  On reaching the New Mullion, he met a hack driver at the station. He befriended the lawyer. He took him round the whole village in search of Oliver Lutkins.

Question 6. Why is the lawyer sent to New Mullion ? What does he first think about the place ? ( 2 Marks ) ( Most Important )

Ans. The lawyer was appointed a junior assistant clerk in a big law firm. The firm sent him to serve summons in New Mullion to a man called Oliver Lutkins. He was needed in the court in connection with a case. He was needed as a witness. The lawyer was happy to go to the country because he was sick of the city life. He thought that New Mullion would be a peaceful and lively place.

Question 7. What does Bill tell the lawyer about Lutkins & his family ? ( 2 Marks )

Ans. Bill tell the lawyer that Lutkins might have gone to his mother’s farm. His mother is a real terror. She is nine feet tall and four feet thick. She is as quick as a cat. Lutkins must have gone to hide himself behind her mother.

Question 8. Where did the hack driver take the narrator first of all ? ( 1 Mark )

Ans. The hack driver took the narrator first of all at the Fritz’s shop.

Chapter 9 – Bholi Important Questions

Question 1. What do you know about Bholi and describe the role of the teacher in her life ? ( 5 Marks )

Ans. Bholi’s teacher showed great love and affection to Bholi. She told her not to be afraid. She said that if she came to school daily, no one would laugh at her. She should study hard. Then other students would listen to her with respect. This created a confidence in her. Thus the loving care and encourage given to her by her teacher changed the course of her life. It made her a complete woman. She stood on her own legs. At the time of her marriage she showed rare courage and refused to marry the bridegroom who wanted dowry.

Question 2. Why did Bholi at first agree to marry Bishamber ? Why did she later reject the marriage ? What light it throws on her character ? ( 5 Marks ) ( most Important )

Ans. Bholi knew that she was a burden on her parents. They were worried about her as no one was ready to marry an ugly-looking girl. Moreover, the match was fixed without her consent. But when the bridegroom came to her home with the marriage procession, she refused to marry him. It was because she found him greedy. He demanded a dowry of five thousand rupees. Although her father was prepared to give the money, yet she refused to marry him. She said that she would not marry a greedy man. 

Question 3. Describe Bholi’s experiences on her first day at school. ( 5 Marks )

Ans. One day Ramlal held Bholi’s hand and asked her to go to school. Bholi did not know what a school was like. She thought was ke. She thought that her father was turning her out of his house like their old cow Lakshmi. She shouted in terror and pulled her hand away from her father’s grip. On the first day of school, she was frightened. But after some time she seemed to be enjoying the pictures on the wall. She was happy to see so many girls of her age in the class. The real thing that made her happy on this very day was the loving and soothing treatment of the teacher. The teacher spoke to her in a soft and soothing voice. No one had ever spoken to her gently. This touched her heart. The teacher told Bholi that if she came to school regularly she would be more learned than else in the village. She would speak without a stammer and everyone would listen to her with respect. This was a new hope and new life for Bholi.

Question 4. Why is Bholi’s father worried about her ? ( 2 Marks )

Ans. Bholi’s father was a prosperous farmer. He had three sons and four daughters. All of them were healthy and strong, except Bholi. She was a backward child. She badly stammered when she spoke. She had an attack of chicken pox when she was two years old. It left her face disfigured. So, Bholi’s father was worried about her, because she had neither good looks nor intelligence.

Question 5. Why do Bholi’s parents accept Bishamber’s marriage proposal ? ( 2 Marks )

Ans. Bholi’s parents thought that mo one would ever marry Bholi because she was a backward and ugly girl. Bishamber was a middle aged rich grocer. He was rich. He had a big shop, a house of his own and thousands of rupees in the bank. So when he proposed to marry Bholi, her parents at once accepted his proposal.

Question 6. Why did Bholi’s marriage with Bishamber not take place ? ( 2 Marks ) ( Most Important )


What reason Bholi gives to deny to marry Bishamber ? ( 2 Marks )

Ans. Bishamber was a greedy man. He demanded five thousands rupees as dowry. Bholi’s father agreed to it. But, Bholi, who was now educated and full of confidence, refused to marry such a mean, greedy and contemptible man as Bishamber. So, the marriage did not took place.

Question 7. Who was Lakshmi ? ( 1 Mark ) ( most Important )

Ans. Lakshmi was the cow in the Bholi’s family who was sold by Bholi father.

Question 8. What did Bishamber demand as dowry ? ( 1 Mark )

Ans. Bishamber demans five thousand rupees as dowery.

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