Horizontal Bar Graph and the X axis and Y axis

Learn All About Horizontal Bar Graph and the X-Axis and Y-Axis

A horizontal bar graph is a graph that uses a bar graph extending horizontally along the x-axis to represent statistical data and numbers. They are widely used to make simple and fast comparisons between various observations based on certain parameters. In this article, we will describe the types of horizontal bar graphs, their uses, how to draw them and we will also discuss the x axis and y axis.

What is a Horizontal Bar Graph?

Horizontal bar graphs use horizontal bars that extend along the x-axis on the graph and indicate the size of the observation that they represent. The most common use of horizontal bar charts is to compare various observations. The comparison using horizontal bar graphs is very convenient because even with large numbers, you can compare items by looking at them.

Types of Horizontal Bar Graphs

Different formats can be used to draw horizontal bar graphs. However, there are three very important and basic horizontal bar chart types. The horizontal bar chart is divided into these three types according to the number of parameters for each observation used in the chart.

  • Simple Horizontal Bar Graphs
  • Double Horizontal Bar Graphs
  • Multiple Horizontal Bar Graphs

Simple Horizontal Bar Graphs

A Simple horizontal bar chart can be used for comparing various observations but only based on a single variable or parameter. For example, if you want to compare 5 students, then you can compare them based on the total percentage, or based on the scores of math or any other subject. However, you cannot use percentages and scores to compare them at the same time, and you cannot use multiple subjects to compare them.

Double Horizontal Bar Graphs

A double horizontal bar graph can be used for comparing observations and items that are based on two parameters. For example, if we use the above example again, now we can compare these 5 students using two different subjects. However, no more than two parameters are allowed.

Multiple Horizontal Bar Graphs

Multiple horizontal bar graphs provide you with the advantage of comparing observation results based on your favorite parameters. Similarly, if you consider the above example, you can now compare students based on more than two subjects. However, here you can only use parameters that can be measured with similar quantities. Multiple horizontal bar graphs apart from comparing different observations can also be used for comparing various parameters of a single observation. This comparison is easier and more convenient because you can compare by viewing the graphic format.

How to draw or plot Horizontal Bar Graphs?

To plot horizontal bar graphs there are just a few simple steps that you must follow to draw any of the three types.

Step 1: First draw the two axes of the graph, namely the X-axis and the Y-axis.

Step 2: The observation value (fixed variable) to be compared is represented by the Y-axis. The size of the observation is represented by the X-axis.

Step 3: Now draw a bar graph starting from the Y-axis and extending along the X-axis to a length proportional to the given value.

Step 4: If there are multiple parameters for every observation, you can assign different colors for different parameter bars.

Step 5: If necessary, then name the X-axis and Y-axis or even the entire graph. The title should be accurate and describe what the axes and graphs represent. This is a good practice because it makes your chart look richer. You can also mark each bar with the amount it represents. Somewhere in the chart, also mention what each color represents.

This was all about the Horizontal Bar Graphs, let us now discuss X-Axis and Y-Axis.

X-Axis And Y-Axis

The x-axis and y-axis are two vertical lines and are parts of the Cartesian coordinate system. On the X-axis on the coordinate plane is the horizontal line and Y-axis is the vertical line. They are called coordinate axes, and the point where they intersect on the coordinate plane is called the origin. The coordinate system is used to mark points, called coordinates, which is the geometric interpretation of linear algebra and the basis of analytic geometry. Therefore, it is very important to understand all concepts about the coordinate system and the x and y axes.

We hope this article on the horizontal bar graph and X-Axis and Y-Axis was useful.

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