Logitech G304 Vs Cosmic Byte Kilonova – Which is Better?

Most of people wants to buy best Mouse for their pc / laptops. Finally you found the names like Logitech G304 and Cosmic Byte Kilonova. Almost every content said you that this is best mouse for you. Here i will help you in decide that Logitech G304 and Cosmic Byte Kilonova , Which is better?

Logitech G304 vs Cosmic Byte Kilonova ( comparison )

Logitech G304Cosmic Byte Kilonova
  • Wireless Connectivity
  • DPI – 12000
  • Lightspeed Response time
  • Weight – 99g
  • Non RGB
  • After battery dead, requires 1 AA cell
  • Spill Proof
  • 6 buttons
  • Software support
  • Wireless Connectivity and we can make it wired.
  • DPI 12400
  • Lightspeed Response time
  • Weight – 73g
  • RGB
  • After battery dead, requires 12 cells of button coin cell
  • Liquid can damage mouse after spill.
  • 9 buttons
  • Software support
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now come to the conclusion. if you are use mouse for long duration during gaming or your office work, then you should go with Logitech g304. because battery replacement become cheap and easily available in market. Logitech cell cost around 15Rs. whereas Cosmic byte costs 60Rs. after battery dead and RGB in Cosmic also consume more battery power. Logitech also have good grip compared to cosmic byte. other specs are almost similar. Now it totally depends on you that what you choose.

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