NSQF Physical education and Sports Level 4 Important Questions

NSQF is one of the Easiest Subject. Here are some important Questions of  NSQF Physical Education and Sports for that kind of students who thinks it is hard for me. Here you also can do your Quick revision of your NSQF Level 4 Question.

Physical Education and Sports Level 4 Important Questions

Here You Got Important Questions of Level 4 book of physical education and sports.

Lets Start Our Important Question :

Que 1 Why Warming -up is Necessary Before Training or Competition?

Ans:- .  Warming-up Increases our Body Temperature Which Reduces the Risk of Injury.

Que.2 What are the Main functions of Water in Our Body?

Ans:- .

  • Body Temperature Regulation
  • Elimination of Waste
  • TrAns:- port of Nutrients

Que 3 Enlist the Responsibilities of A Physical Education Teacher in a School .


  1. Educating Students about Health, Fitness and K-12 School Environment
  2. Teaches Students to Become a Physically Educating Individually

Que 4 Clarify the Difference Between Amount of Air Pressure between Basketball , Volleyball and Football .

Ans:-   Air Pressure of Volleyball = 300-325 gm/cm2  Or  0.300-0.325 Atmospheric

Air Pressure of Football = 600-1100 gm/cm2  Or  0.6-1.1 Atmospheric

Air Pressure of Basketball = 3170-4000 gm/cm2  Or  3.17-4.0 Atmospheric

Que 5 Which System Follow  all Schools ?

Ans:-  They Basically Follow 10+2+3 System Where 5 Years For Primary Educational and 3 Years for Secondary and 2 Years for High School ( 10th Class )

Que 6 Write Four Elements of a Good Mass Display.

Ans:-   1 Synchronised Action to a Theme

2 Good Lively Music

3 Colourful Costumes

4 A Good Entry and Exit Strategy

Que 7 Who Conducts Physical Activities Within the Time table of School ?

Ans:-   Physical Education Teacher

Que 8 Who make Students Fit and Healthy by Improving Fundamental Skill.

Ans:- . Physical Education Teacher

Que 9 Who Conducts Coaching Sessions after The School Hours ?

Ans:- . Sports Coach

Que 10 Who Conducts Specific Activities Related To Sports ?

Ans:- . Sport Coach

Que 11 Who is NASPE And What is his Recommendation about Children ?

Ans:- . NASPE Stands for National Association of Sports and Physical Education. They Recommends that a Children must Play Minimum 60 Minutes a day.

Que 12 What is the Full form of NCERT and What is His Moto ?

Ans:- . NCERT Stands for  National Council of Educational Research and training . NCERT Provides Support and Assistance to number of Schools in India.

Que 13 When and Where First School Board Was Setup ?

Ans:- The Uttar Pradesh Board of High School and Intermediate Education Board was First Board Setup in India In 1921.

Que 14. What is The Full Form of CBSE ?

Ans:- . CBSE Stands for Central Board of Secondary Education

Que 15 What is the Full Form of CISCE ? ( imp.)

Ans:- The Council of Indian School Certificate Examination

Que 16 CISCE Conduct How Many Exams ?

Ans:- Three ( These are ICSE , ISC And CVE )

Que 17 What is the Full Form of NIOS ?

Ans:- The National Institute of Open Schooling

Que 18 Which Type of School are Available in India ?

Ans:-   Government / Public School

Private School

International School


Open and Distance Learning ( started in 2012 )

Que 19 What is the Full form of IGNOU ?

Ans:- . Indira Gandhi National Open University

Que 20 Which Government Controls Class 10th and 12th Board ?

Ans:- . State Government

Que 21 What is the Importance of planning ?

Ans:- Planning provides direction , Planning Reduces Risk of Uncertainties , Planning promote Innovative Ideas , Planning Improves Power of Decision Making.

Que 22 What is the Full Form of SMART ?

Ans:- SMART Stands for Specific Measurable Action Oriented Realistic Time Bound

Que 23 What Is Duty of Sports Teacher During  School House Allocation ?

Ans:- A Sports Teacher Should Remains neutral And Should Not be a Member of Any House.

Que 24 What is The Area Required for Making a Track of 400 Meter ?

Ans:- 190 m * 115 m

Que 25 What is the Full Form of RDR ? ( IMP )

Ans:- RDR MeAns:- Running Distance Radius .

Que 26 What is the Formula for Calculating Stagger ( Most IMP )

Ans:- W ( n-1) – 0.1 m * 2 Pi Where W is Width of Lane and n Is Number of Lane

Que 27 What is Height of Volleyball Net for Men and Women ?

Ans:- 2.24 m for Women and 2.43 m for Men

Que 28 What is the Length of cricket Wickets ?

Ans:- 28 Inch or 71 cm

Que 29 When Environment day is celebrated  ?

Ans:- 5th June

Que 30 When World AIDS Day Celebrated ?

Ans:- 1st December

Que 31 When International Literacy day Celebrated ?

Ans:- 8th September

Que 32 When Child Right Day or Universal Children’s Day celebrated ?

Ans:- 20th November

Que 33 When World red Cross day Celebrated ?

Ans:- 8th May

Que 34 What is Time management Matrix ?

Ans:- It is a graph which Determines that what we do When a Work Comes . It Have Four Quadrants which Describes the Priority of Work and its Importance

Que 35 What is the Age of Specialization in a Particular Sport ?

Ans:- Class 9th to 12th

Que 36 What is ABC ?

Ans:-   ABC MeAns:- Action Balance and Coordination

Que 37 What is 3G ? ( Most IMP )

Ans:- 3G Stands for Get the Ball, Give the Ball and Go for the Ball

Que 38 What are the Component of Health related Fitness ?

Ans:- It Focus on Five Health Related Components which are Aerobic Capacity, Anaerobic Capacity , Muscular strength, Flexibility and Body Composition.

Que 39 What are the Component of Skill Related Fitness ?

Ans:- it Focus on Three Skill Related Components which are Agility , Balance , power , Reaction time , Coordination , Speed .

Que 40 How we can Check Endurance of a Player ?

Ans:- we can Check it by taking Some tests Like Harvard step test , 600 yard run test , lung Capacity test.

Que 41 What is BMI & what is its  Formula ?

Ans:-    BMI Stands for Body Mass Index

BMI = Weight ( in kg ) / height 2 ( in m )

Que 42 How to Test Flexibility of a Player ?

Ans:- Via Sit and Reach Box.

Que 43 how to test Body Explosive Strength ?

Ans:-   For Upper Body Take Test by Medicine ball throw

For Lower Body Take test by Standing Broad Jump

Que 44 For Making a Coaching Plan What we Have to do ?

Ans:- . we have to Focus on Four Points . These are Planning , Conducting , Evaluation , Action.

Que 45 What is Shewhart Cycle ? ( most IMP ) 

Ans:-   it is also called Deming cycle or Plan-Do-Check-Act Cycle. It is Continuous Improvement Cycle Which Must be Followed by Every Teacher .

Que 46 What are the Key factor for best Physical Education ? ( IMP for 5 Marks  )

Ans:-   Student Attendance , Health and Fitness , Communication Way , Posture and their Class Participation.

Que 47 How to test Water Hydration in Body ?

Ans:- By Urine Colour and Volume . Lighter Colour defines that you are Well Hydrated

Que 48 What is MS Word ?

Ans:- It is a Text Editor Where you can Type you Document/ Notes .

Que 49 What is MS Excel ?

Ans:- It is a Spreadsheet which is Used for Mathematical calculations . it is basically used for account management Purposes.

Que 50 What is MS Outlook ?

Ans:- It is a Email / Gmail Manager where you can Send and Receive Mails it is mainly  used for Sending Business Mails.

Que 51 What is MS Publisher ?

Ans:- It is a Publishing Software Where you can design and Create Calendars , Post cards and Business cards.

Que 52 What are the Type of Interviews ? ( Imp for 3- 5 Marks )

Ans:- Telephone Interview ,Video Interview , Face to face Interview ,Panel Interview , Group Interview , Assessment Centers.

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