NSQF Physical Education and Sports Level 2 Important Question

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Physical Education and Sports Level 2 Important Questions

Here You Got Important Questions of Level 2 book of physical education and sports with module wise.

Module 1 Notes 

Que 1 What is the Age of Pre Historic Period ?

Ans 500000 BC to 50000 BC

Que 2 What is the Age of Medieval Period ?

Ans 3150 BC to 500 CE

Que 3 What was the mains Subjects During Ancient Greece ?

Ans Mathematics , Music and Gymnastics

Que 4 Who is Known as the Father of Modern Physical Education ?

Ans  Friedrich Ludwig Johann

Que 5 Which time is Declared as Golden Period of Physical education ?

Ans 1920 to 1930

Que 6 What  is the Full Form of NCAC ?

Ans the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAC)

Que 7 What is Exercise psychology ?

Ans It is the study of bodily systems and their reactions to the stress of exercise.

Que 8 What s Kinesiology ?

Ans It is the study of how the muscular system moves the bony structure of the body.

Que 9 What is Biomechanics ?

Ans It is the study of the human body as a mechanical system, utilizing principles and applications from physics.

Que 10 What is Motor Learning ?

Ans It is the study of changes in motor performance related to experience and practice.

Que 11 What is Sports Sociology ?

Ans It is the study of social structure, social patterns, and social organization of groups engaged in sport.

Que 12 What is Sport Psychology ?

Ans It is the study of behavioural and psychological issues and problems in sport.

Que 13 What is Sports Pedagogy ? IMP

Ans It is the study of the processes of teaching and coaching, the outcomes of such endeavours, and the content of fitness, physical education, and sport-education programs.

Que 14 What is the Moto of Olympic Games ? MOST IMP

Ans “Citius, Altius, Fortius,” Olymic is a Latin phrase meaning “Swifter, Higher, Stronger” is the official
Olympic Motto.

Que 15 When Olympic Moto was Created ?

Ans Olymic motto was created in 1891 by Father Henri Didon, a friend of Pierre de

Que 16 When Olympic Moto Was adopted by the International Olympic Committee ?

Ans  1894.

Que 17 Define Olympic Rings ?

Ans The five rings represent the five parts of the world that participate in the Olympic Games: Europe, Asia, Oceanic, Africa and the Americas.

Que 18 What is Olympic Flag ? Most IMP repeated 2 times 

Ans Image result for olympic flag The Olympic flag has a white background, with five interlaced rings in the center Which Colours are blue, yellow, black, green and red.

Que 19  Write Short Note On IOC . Most IMP 

Ans IOC Stands for International olympic committee. IOC Have 106 Individual Members and 206 National olympic Committee & 34 national Sports Federation.

Que 20 When Olympic Games Started ? IMP

Ans Olympic games was Started In 776 BC In Olympia , Greece.

Que 21 Who Firstly Sponsored Modern Olympic games ? IMP

Ans  A wealthy Greek philanthropist, Evangelos Zappas, sponsored the revival of the first modern international Olympic Games.

Que 22 Where First Modern Olympic games held ? IMP

Ans Athens City in 1859

Que 23 What is the age of Indus Valley Civilization ?

Ans 3250 BC to 2750 BC

Que 24 What is the Age of Vedic Period ?

Ans 2500 BC-600 BC

Que 25 What is the Age of Early Hindu Period ?

Ans 600 BC to 320 BC

Que 26 What is the  Age of Later Hindu Period ?

Ans 320 AD-1200 AD

Que 27 What is the Age of Mughal Period ?

Ans 1000 AD – 1757 AD

Que 28 What was the Name of Weight Lifting in Ancient time in India ?

Ans Bhrashram

Que 29 What was the the Name of Yoga in Ancient India ?

Ans Yogasastra

Que 30 In Which Event India Won first Gold Medal in Olympic ?

Ans Hockey ( India Defeated Holland by 3-0 )

Que 31 How Many Olympic Medal won India in Hockey ?

Ans 8 Gold Medals  ( Win 1975 World Cup In Hockey )

Que 32 Who is Known as Wizard of Hockey ?

Ans Major Dhyan chand

Que 33 Name Cricket events Which Won Indian Cricket team ? MOST IMP

Ans 1983 World Cup in England , Kapil Dev was Captain at that time .( Imp )

2002 Championship Trophy , Joint Winner with Sri Lanka

2011 World Cup in India , ms Dhoni

2013 ICC Champion Trophy

Que 34 When India become Famous in football in asia?

Ans From 1950s to 1960s India Is Famous as Asian PowerHouse of Football Because they Play for FIFA with Bare Feet .

Que 36 Who is Former World Champion of Chess ?

Ans GM Viswanathan Anand

Que 37 Name the Players who got the Title of Powerhouse of India

Ans world billiards competitions Wilson Jones, Michael Ferreira, and Geet Sethi

Que 38 Name the Indian Shooter Who Won Gold Medal In Olympic .

Ans Abhinav SIngh Bindra , 2012  in 10 m Air rifle Event

Que 39 Name the Wrestler who won  Medals In Olympic.

Ans Sushil Kumar Solanki ,66  kg Freestyle Event , ( 2010 world wrestling championship with Gold , 2008  Bronze in Olympic , 2012 Olympic Silver Medal )

Que 40 Which indian Player Badmintion got Rank 2 in World Badminton?

Ans Saina Nehwal

Que 41 Name those Boxer Who Won Medals In Olympic Games .

Ans McC Mery Com ( 5 Times world boxing champion ), Vijender Singh ( first medal in Boxing in 2008)

Que 42 Write About flying Sikh .

Ans Milkha Singh is also known as Flying Sikh. He Won Gold Medal in common Wealth game

Que 43 Who is Youngest Grand Master in Chess ?

Ans Parimarjan Negi

Que 44 Name Major Cricket Games In india .

Ans 1. Indian Premier League – twenty20 IPL
2. Ranji Trophy (first-class state cricket)

Que 45 Name Major football Games i9n India.

Ans 1. I-League (All India Football Federation)
2. IFA Shield, Santosh Trophy (Football)

Que 46 Name International Events Hosted in India. IMP

Ans  1. Asian Games (1951 and 1982)
2. Cricket World Cup (1987, 1996 and 2011)
3. Afro-Asian Games (2003)
4. Hockey World Cup (2010)
5. Commonwealth Games (2010)

Que 47 Name Famous International Events.

Ans    1. The Olympic Games (All categories)
2. FIFA World Cup
3. Commonwealth Games
4. Asian Games
5. All-Africa Games
6. Pan American Games
7. Grand Slam – Tennis in different location
8. PGA Tour – Golf
9. World Athletic Championship

Que 48 What is Grassroot Soccer ?

Ans Grassroot Soccer (GRS) is working to prevent HIV in Africa

Que 49 What is Magic Bus ?

Ans Magic Bus is a great illustration of how sports can lead to improved individual and financial status.

Module 2 Notes

Que 50 What is Health According to WHO ?

Ans Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity

Que 51 What is Greatest Wealth of People ?

Ans Health

Que 52 What is Wellness Triangle ?

Ans Wellness Triangle is also called Health triangle. Health Triangle was Developed by WHO in 1948. It Includes Physical ,Mental and Social Health

Que 53 What is HIV AIDS ? IMP

Ans HIV is the infection that causes AIDS. HIV Shows No Symptoms Before 10 years. There is no cure for HIV or AIDS, but AIDS treatment is available. HIV virus can spread mainly from blood.

Que 54 What is Malaria ? IMP

Ans Malaria is a life-threatening blood disease caused by a parasite that is transmitted to humans by the Anopheles mosquito. Malaria is a preventable and treatable disease.

Que 55 What is Icterus ?

Ans It is Known as Jaundice . A yellowish tinge to the skin and the white part of the eye that is caused by an excess of bilirubin in the blood.

Que 56 What is Health Related Fitness ? IMP

Ans It focuses on five health  Related components of fitness which include cardiovascular endurance, anaerobic ability, muscular strength, flexibility and body composition.

Que 57 What is Skill Related Fitness ? IMP

Ans it Focus on Three Skill Related Components which are Agility , Balance , power , Reaction time , Coordination , Speed .

Que 58 What is BMI & what is its  Formula ?

Ans   BMI Stands for Body Mass Index

BMI = Weight ( in kilo Gram ) / height 2 ( in meter )

Que 59 How to Test Flexibility of a Player ? IMP

Ans Via Sit and Reach Box.

Que 60 how to test Body Explosive Strength ? IMP

Ans  For Upper Body Take Test by Medicine ball throw

For Lower Body Take test by Standing Broad Jump

Que 61  What is 3G ? MOST IMP

Ans 3G Stands for Get the ball, give the Ball , Go for the Ball .

Module 3 Notes 

Que 62  What is the Age for Building Fundamental Skills in Children ?

Ans Grade 0 to 5 We Learn them Action , balance and Coordination. and Basic sports Skills

Que 63 What is the Age for Choose a Particular Game ?

Ans Grade 9 to 12

Que 64 What is Adolescence ?

Ans children in the process of developing from a child into an adult.(13 to 19 years)

Que 65 What is ABC ? Most IMP

Ans A – Action: Is a group of muscles working together to perform a particular skill or technique in the best possible way. Examples  walking, hopping, jumping and crawling.

B – Balance: The ability to maintain equilibrium when stationary or moving through the coordinated actions of our sensory functions . The balance could be of two types:
      a) Static Balance – ability to retain the centre of mass above the base of support in
a stationary position
      b) Dynamic Balance – ability to maintain balance with body movement.
C – Coordination: The ability to control the movement of the body in co-operation with the body’s sensory functions e.g. catching a ball (hand and eye co-ordination, feet eye co-ordination).

Que 66 Write Down Basic fundamental Skills and Its type  ..

Ans Locomotor skills: Skills in which the body moves from one place to another. E.g. walking, running,
sliding, rolling, etc.
Manipulative skills: Skill that are performed with an object. E.g. throwing, catching, racket, dribbling the ball, etc.
Non-manipulative skills: Skills required transferring the body weight. E.g. turning, twisting,
balancing, etc.

Que 71 What is Yoga ?  IMP

Ans Yoga is a systematic and methodical process to control and develop the mind and body to attain good health,  balance of mind and self-realization.

Que 72 What is Karma yoga ?  IMP

Ans Karma Yoga is the yoga of action

Que 73 What is Jnana Yoga?  IMP

Ans Jnana Yog is the yoga of knowledge and wisdom

Que 74 What is Hatha Yoga ?  IMP

Ans Hatha Yoga is the yoga of attaining physical and mental purity

Que 75 What is Raj Yoga ?

Ans Raj Yoga is the yoga of awakening the psychic awareness and facilities

Que 76 What is Mantra Yoga ?  IMP

Ans Mantra Yoga is the yoga of freeing the mind by utilizing a second vibration

Que 77 What is Laya Yoga ?

Ans Laya Yoga is the yoga of conscious dissolution of individuality

Que 78 What is Bhakti Yoga ? IMP

Ans Bhakti Yoga is the yoga of intense devotion

Module 4 Notes 

Que 79 Describe Type of Postures ?

Ans Two Type of Posture :- Active Posture and Inactive Posture

Que 80 What is Spinal Curvature ? IMP

Ans Spinal Curvature is related to the spine. This deformity is caused by carrying excessive weight beyond ones capacity. It is Basically three Types Kyphosis, Lordosis and Scoliosis Read In Detail

Que 81 What is Flat Foot ? MOST IMP

Ans Flat foot is generally found among newly born babies but it becomes a postural deformity. The main cause /Reason of flat foot is weak muscles. Weak muscles of the foot can not bear the body weight. Hence, feet become flat or without arches.

Que 82 What is Knock Knees ? MOST IMP

Ans In this deformity, both the knees knock or touch each other in normal standing position. The gap between ankles goes on increasing. The lack of balanced diet especially vitamin ’D’, calcium and phosphorus is themain cause of knock knees.

Que 83 What is Blow Legs ? MOST IMP

Ans If there is wide gap between the knees when standing with feet together, the individual has bow legs.The main cause of bow legs is the deficiency of calcium and phosphorus in bones. Long bones of legs become soft, hence they are bent outwards.

Que 84 What is the Purpose of First Aid ? IMP

Ans The purpose of First Aid is to preserve life, assist recovery and prevent aggravation of the injury, until the services of a doctor can be obtained or during transport to hospital or to the patient’s home.

Que 85 What is Chocking ?IMP

Ans Choking is the mechanical obstruction of the flow of air from the environment into the lungs.

Que 86 What is Basic Sports Injuries ? IMP

Ans Sprain And Strain Learn In Detail

Que 87 What is RICE ? IMP

Ans RICE Stands For REST – ICE – Compression – Elevation . It is Treatment for Sprain and Strain .

Que 90 What is Sprain ? IMP

Ans A sprain is a stretch or tear of a ligament. Ligaments are tissues that stabilize and support the body’s joints.

Que 91 What is Strain ? IMP

Ans A strain is a twist, pull or a tear of a muscle or tendon.

Module 5 Notes 

Que 92 How much Percentage of Communion we use Talking ?

Ans 35%

Que 93 How much Percentage of Communion we use Reading ?

Ans 16%

Que 94 How much Percentage of Communion we use Writing ?

Ans 9%

Que 95 What are the way of Communication ?

Ans Verbal , Non – Verbal and Written Communication

Module 6 Notes

Que 96 What is the Height of Volley ball Net for men and Women ?

Ans For Men 2.43 mt and 2.24 mt for Women

Que 97 What is length of Cricket Stumps ?

Ans 71 cm / 28 inch

Que 98 What is the Duration of Football Match ?

Ans Football : 45-15-45 minutes

Que 99 What Is the Dimensions of Basketball Court ?

Ans 28 m * 15 m

Que 100 What is Antenna in Volleyball ?

Ans An Antenna is A flexible Rod ,1.80 m Long and 10mm in Diameter  made of Fibre Glass or Similar Material

Que 101 What is the Weight of Football , Volleyball and Basketball ?

Ans Football : 450 Gram

Basketball : 623 Gram or 22 ounces

Volleyball : 260 -280 gram

Que 102 What is the Full Form of FIVB ?

Ans Federation Internationale De Volleyball

Que 103 Who is Libro in Volleyball ?

Ans Libro is a Player in Volleyball Who is Specialized in Defensive Skill.

Que 104 What is Violation ?

Ans Violation is Breaking of Rules . As a Result f Violation Ball is Awarded to Opponent team.

Que 105 Who is Lead and trial ?

Ans Lead and Trial is active Officials in basketball.

Que 106 How Many Rules are there in Football.

Ans 17 Rules

Que 107 Clarify the Difference Between Amount of Air Pressure between Basketball , Volleyball and Football .

Ans  Air Pressure of Volleyball = 300-325 gm/cm2  Or  0.300-0.325 Atmospheric

Air Pressure of Football = 600-1100 gm/cm2  Or  0.6-1.1 Atmospheric

Air Pressure of Basketball = 3170-4000 gm/cm2  Or  3.17-4.0 Atmospheric

Que 108 What is Nutrition ?

Ans Nutrition is defined as the process by which an animal or plant takes in and utilises food
substances.It deals with how our body utilizes food for its metabolic functions  Nutrition as a science
deals with the part played by nutrients in body growth, development and maintenance.

Que 109 What are Macro Nutrients ?

Ans Carbohydrate , protein and Fat is Counted as Macro Nutrient.

Que 110 What is Micro Nutrient ?

Ans Minerals, Vitamins are Micro Nutrient.

Que 111 What is Ostioporosis ?

Ans osteoporosis is a disease of the bones in adults, the bones become fragile and more prone to fracture, rickets, muscle aches and cramps, tooth decay and bone deformity.

Que 112 How Much Percentage is Required of Protein in Daily Diet ?

Ans 20%

Que 113 What are the Two Major Categories of Nutrient ?

Ans Two :- Macro Nutrient and Micro Nutrient

Que 114 What is Calorie ?

Ans Calorie is a unit of measurement by which we measure the energy yield from the digested nutrients.

Que 115 How To Calculate Basal Metabolic Rate?

Ans Men: 1kcal/kg body weight/hr. This should be calculated for 24 hours
Women: 0.9kcal/kg body weight/hr. This should be calculated for 24 hours

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You  Have to  Prepare the 17 Rules of Football , They have high chances of Coming in exam

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