NSQF Physical Education and Sports Level 3 Important Questions

NSQF is one of the Easiest Subject. Here are some important Questions of  NSQF Physical Education and Sports for that kind of students who thinks it is hard for me. Here you also can do your Quick revision of your NSQF Level 3 Question.

Physical Education and Sports Level 3 Important Questions

Here You Got Important Questions of Level 3 book of physical education and sports with module wise.

Module 1 Notes 

Que 1 Write Some Famous Personality in the field of physical education and Sport ? Most Import 

Ans  M.S. Dhoni (cricketer),Virat Kohli (cricketer), Mary Kom (boxer), Saina Nehwal (badminton player), Leander Paes (tennis player), Viswanathan Anand (Chess player), Sushil Kumar Solanki (wrestler), Vijender Singh (boxer),Sunil Chettri (footballer)

Que 2 What are the Carrier Opportunities in Physical Fitness Sector ?

Ans Career opportunities in Physical fitness are fitness instructor, personal trainer, fitness consultant, fitness specialist, physical therapy assistant, health and life style coordinator and Much more.

Que 3 What is Thermotherapy ?

Ans A treatment using a laser beam aimed through the dilated pupil or onto the outside of the eyeball.

Que 4 What do you Mean by Therapeutic ?

Ans This Word is Related to Healing of disease.

Que 5 What is Cryotherapy?

Ans The use of extreme cold in surgery or other medical treatment.

Que 6 What is Electromagnetic therapy ?

Ans The use of electrical energy as a medical treatment in medicine.

Que 7 What is Sport Journalism  ?

Ans   A Person who cover sports events for newspaper and magazines, television channels and websites

Que 8 What is physical education Teacher ?

Ans A Person who teaches physical education in school through physical activities

Que 9 What is Equipment Manager  ?

Ans Person who can handle and take care of props and equipment.

Que 10 Who Is Sports Coach ?

Ans . Person who trains and prepares school team, state and national level teams for the tournament

Que 11 What is the Work of Fitness Trainer ?

Ans  Fitness Trainer Works as Personal trainer, fitness consultant, fitness specialist, physical therapy assistant, health and life style coordinator.

Que 12 What is Sports Nutritionist ?

Ans Person who takes care of diet and supplementation of athletes.

Que 13 What is Sports Medicine ?

Ans Person who is trained for prevention, recognition, diagnosis and treatment of injuries and first aid

Que 14 What is Sport Management ?

Ans Person who manages big tournaments like national level sports meet, world cup, etc.

Que 15 Write Short Note On IOC . Most IMP 

Ans IOC Stands for International olympic committee. IOC Have 106 Individual Members and 206 National olympic Committee & 34 national Sports Federation.

Que 16 What is the Full Form of ICC ?

Ans ICC Stands for International Cricket Council  ?

Que 17 What is the Full Form of FIFA ? IMP 

Ans FIFA Stands for The Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) , It is a French Word . Which Means International Federation of Association Football.

Que 18 What is The Full form of IAAF ?

Ans IAAF Stands for International Association of Athletes Federations

Que 19 What do the Letter IOA Stands For ?

Ans IOA Stands for Indian Olympic Committee

Que 20 What is the Full Form of WFI ?

Ans WFI stands for Wrestling Federation of India

Que 21 What is the Full form of SFA ?

Ans SFA Stands for Sikkim Football Association

Que 22 What is the Full Form of SBA ?

Ans SBA Stands for State Boxing Association

Que 23 Which Factors Affect the Development of Sports ?

Ans Factors Such as Environment , Economy , Technology and Politics .

Module 2 Notes 

Que 24  Human Bones Helps In producing Which Cells ?

Ans Red Blood Cells

Que 25 What are the Main bones of Skull ?

Ans Cranium, mandible and maxilla

Que 26 What are the main bones of Hand ?

Ans Carpals , Metacarpals and Phalanges

Que 27 What are the Main bones of Chest ?

Ans Sternum and Ribs

Que 28 What are the mains bones of Legs ?

Ans Femur ,Tibia and fibula

Que 29 What are the Main Bones of Arm?

Ans Humerus , Radius and Ulna

Que 30 Write 5 Major Functions of Skeletal System ?

Ans Support , Shape ,Protection ,Movement and Producing Blood Cells

Que 31 What is the Another name of voluntary muscles ?

Ans Striated Muscles

Que 32 What is the another name of Involuntary Muscles ?

Ans Smooth Muscles

Que 33 Write the Name of Muscle which only Found in heart only ?

Ans Cardiac Muscle

Que 34 Write Important Parts of Upper Respiratory System . imp

Ans Mouth , Nose, Nasal Cavity , Larynx and  Pharynx

Que 35 What is Articulations ? imp

Ans Muscles pull on tendons to move bones at connections called joints or articulations.

Que 36 What is Superior ?

Ans . Above in relation to another structure of the body or higher

Que 37 What is Inferior ? imp

Ans Below in relation to another structure of the body

Que 38 What is Anterior ? imp

Ans  In front or in the front part

Que 39 What is Posterior ?

Ans .Behind, in back or in the rear side

Que 40 What is Medial ? imp

Ans Closer to the mid line of the body or closer to the sagittal plane. Medial is closer to the imaginary line which divides the body into right and left portions

Que 41 What Is Lateral ? imp

Ans The outside of the body or farther from the sagittal plane. It is farther from an imaginary line which divides the body into right and left portions

Que 42 What is Proximal ? imp

Ans Proximal is nearest to the trunk or point of origin. Proximal means closer

Que 43 What is Distal ? imp

Ans  Distal Means farther from the body or away from the point of origin

Que 44 What is Superficial ?

Ans Nearer or closer to the surface of the body

Que 45 What is Deep / Internal ?

Ans Farther, beneath or below the surface of the body. Also referred to as internal or deep

Que 46 What is Prone ? IMP

Ans It is the position in which body lying face downward or on the stomach

Que 47 What is Supine ? imp

Ans In supine lying position the face upward and body lying on the back

Que 48 What is Sagittal plane ?

Ans Sagittal plane is an imaginary line which lies vertically by dividing the body into right and left half

Que 49 What is Frontal plane ?

Ans Frontal plane also lies horizontally but divides the body in to anterior and posterior parts

Que 50 What is Horizontal Plane ?

Ans Horizontal plane is an imaginary line which divides our body into superior and inferior parts at
the waist level.

Que 51 Frontal Axis Is also Known as …

Ans Mediolateral Axis

Que 52 What is another name of Sagittal Axis? IMP

Ans  Anteroposterior Axis

Que 53 Longitudinal Axis Is Also Called …

Ans Superoinferior axis

Que 54 What is Acute Effect ?

Ans Those Effects Which live for a Very short period of time is Called Acute effect

Que 55 What is Chronic Effect ?

Ans Those Effect which live For a long Period of time is called Chronic Effect .

Que 56 What is Health Related Fitness ?

Ans It focuses on five health  Related components of fitness which include cardiovascular endurance, anaerobic ability, muscular strength, flexibility and body composition.

Que 57 What is Skill Related Fitness ?

Ans it Focus on Three Skill Related Components which are Agility , Balance , power , Reaction time , Coordination , Speed .

Que 58 What is BMI & what is its  Formula ?

Ans   BMI Stands for Body Mass Index

BMI = Weight ( in kilo Gram ) / height 2 ( in meter )

Que 59 How to Test Flexibility of a Player ?

Ans Via Sit and Reach Box.

Que 60 how to test Body Explosive Strength ?

Ans  For Upper Body Take Test by Medicine ball throw

For Lower Body Take test by Standing Broad Jump

Que 61 What Factors Affect physical Fitness ?

Ans Age, Gender , Body composition , Nutrition , Climatic Condition , lifestyle Habits and physical Activity

Que 62 What is Endomorph ? IMP

Ans A person with round body shape and large amount of fat deposit under the skin

Que 63 What is Meso Morph ? IMP

Ans Muscular built with optimum amount of lean body mass

Que 64 What is Ectomorph ?

Ans Lean and Thin With Weak Body

MODULE 3 Notes 

Que 65 What is the Age for Building Fundamental Skills in Children ?

Ans Grade 0 to 5 We Learn them Action , balance and Coordination. and Basic sports Skills

Que 66 What is the Age for Choose a Particular Game ?

Ans Grade 9 to 12

Que 67 What is ABC ? Most IMP

Ans A – Action: Is a group of muscles working together to perform a particular skill or technique in the best possible way. Examples  walking, hopping, jumping and crawling.

B – Balance: The ability to maintain equilibrium when stationary or moving through the coordinated actions of our sensory functions . The balance could be of two types:
      a) Static Balance – ability to retain the centre of mass above the base of support in
a stationary position
      b) Dynamic Balance – ability to maintain balance with body movement.
C – Coordination: The ability to control the movement of the body in co-operation with the body’s sensory functions e.g. catching a ball (hand and eye co-ordination, feet eye co-ordination).

Que 68 What is Adolescence ?

Ans children in the process of developing from a child into an adult.(13 to 19 years)

Que 69 Write Down Basic fundamental Skills and Its type  ..

Ans Locomotor skills: Skills in which the body moves from one place to another. E.g. walking, running,
sliding, rolling, etc.
Manipulative skills: Skill that are performed with an object. E.g. throwing, catching, racket, dribbling the ball, etc.
Non-manipulative skills: Skills required transferring the body weight. E.g. turning, twisting,
balancing, etc.

Que 70 What is 3G ? MOST IMP

Ans 3G Stands for Get the ball, give the Ball , Go for the Ball .

Que 71 What is Yoga ?

Ans Yoga is a systematic and methodical process to control and develop the mind and body to attain good health,  balance of mind and self-realization.

Que 72 What are the Benefits of Yoga ? 5 MARKS IMP

Ans All Round Fitness , Weight Loose , Stress relief , Inner Peace , Improve Immunity , Living with Greater Awareness , Improve Relationship , Increase energy , Improve posture , Improve Flexibility. For 5 Mark Read in detail

Que 73 What is Immunity ?

Ans The ability of an organism to resist a particular infection or toxin, ability to protect oneself from diseases.

Module 4  Notes 

Que 74 Write Down Some Strength Developing Method

Ans Weight Training Method and  Plyometric Training method

Que 75 Write Down Some Endurance Development method . Imp

Ans Aerobic training Method , Interval training Method and Fartlek Training Method .

Que 76 Write Down Some Speed Development method .

Ans Circuit Training Method , Reaction Speed drill Method and Acceleration Run Method.

Que 77 What is the Purpose of First Aid ? IMP

Ans The purpose of First Aid is to preserve life, assist recovery and prevent aggravation of the injury, until the services of a doctor can be obtained or during transport to hospital or to the patient’s home.

Que 78 What is Chocking ? IMP

Ans Choking is the mechanical obstruction of the flow of air from the environment into the lungs.

Que 79 What is Basic Sports Injuries ? Imp

Ans Sprain And Strain Learn In Detail

Que 80 What is RICE ?

Ans RICE Stands For REST – ICE – Compression – Elevation . It is Treatment for Sprain and Strain .

Module 5 Notes 

Que 81 What are the way of Communication ?

Ans Verbal , Non – Verbal and Written Communication

Que 82 What are the Elements of Planning ?

Ans Elements of Planning are… Planning , Conducting , Evaluating, Acting

Que 83  What is Shewhart Cycle ? ( most IMP ) 

Ans  it is also called Deming cycle or Plan-Do-Check-Act Cycle. It is Continuous Improvement Cycle Which Must be Followed by Every Teacher .

Que 84 What are the Key factor for best Physical Education ? ( IMP for 5 Marks  )

Ans  Student Attendance , Health and Fitness , Communication Way , Posture and their Class Participation.

Que 85 What is Coaching Creed ?

Ans Coaching Creed is a list of principles and values that will guide and anchor teachers/coaches to give their best to the team and be successful in this role as a mentor.

Que 86 What is Strive ? IMP

Ans A person Who makes High efforts to achieve or obtain his Goal.

Que 87 Who Gave the Stages of Team Development ?

Ans In mid 1960s Bruce W. Tuckman Gave These Stages of team Development , Now a psychology professor at Ohio State University.

Que 88 What are the Stages of Team Development ?

Ans There are Four Stages of Development

Stage 1 : Forming

Stage 2 : Norming

Stage 3 : Storming

Stage 4 : Performing

Que 89 What is Six C OR 6C ? 5 marks Imp 

Ans  Six C Means Common Goal , Commitment , Complementary rules , Clear Communication , Constructive Conflict ,Cohesion.

Module 6 Notes 

Que 90 What is the Height of Volley ball Net for men and Women ?

Ans For Men 2.43 mt and 2.24 mt for Women

Que 91 What is length of Cricket Stumps ?

Ans 71 cm / 28 inch

Que 92 What is the Duration of Football Match ?

Ans Football : 45-15-45 minutes

Que 93 What Is the Dimensions of Basketball Court ?

Ans 28 m * 15 m

Que 94 What is Antenna in Volleyball ?

Ans An Antenna is A flexible Rod ,1.80 m Long and 10mm in Diameter  made of Fibre Glass or Similar Material

Que 95 What is the Weight of Football , Volleyball and Basketball ?

Ans Football : 450 Gram

Basketball : 623 Gram or 22 ounces

Volleyball : 260 -280 gram

Que 96 What is the Full Form of FIVB ?

Ans Federation Internationale De Volleyball

Que 97 Who is Libro in Volleyball ?

Ans Libro is a Player in Volleyball Who is Specialized in Defensive Skill.

Que 98 What is Violation ?

Ans Violation is Breaking of Rules . As a Result f Violation Ball is Awarded to Opponent team.

Que 99 Who is Lead and trial ?

Ans Lead and Trial is active Officials in basketball.

Que 100 How Many Rules are there in Football.

Ans 17 Rules

Bonus Tip !!!

You  Have to  Prepare the 17 Rules of Football , They have high chances of Coming in exam

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