Outcomes of Democracy Class 10 Political Science Chapter 5 Important Question Answer

Class 10
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Class 10 Political Science Chapter 5 Important Question Answer

Q1. Democracy is the better form of Government. Why? Most Important

Ans – Democracy is the better form of Government because democracy :

(i) Promotes equality among citizens.

(ii) Enhances the dignity of the individual.

(iii) Improves the quality of decision-making.

(iv) Provides a method to resolve conflicts.

(v) Allows room to correct mistakes.

Q2. How does democracy produce an accountable, responsive and legitimate government?

Ans – Democracy produces an accountable, responsive and legitimate government by giving the citizen the right to examine the process by which decision are made. These decision are made according to norms and procedures which make the decision more acceptable to the people.

Q3. ‘Democratic Government is a Legitimate Government’, Explain.

Ans – Democratic government is a legitimate government. A democratic government is people’s own government. Therefore, there is an overwhelming support for the idea of democracy all over the world. People wish to be ruled by representatives elected by them. They also believe that democracy is suitable for their country.

Q4. What is the meaning of Dictator?

Ans – Dictator : A ruler who has total power in a country, especially one who rules the country by force.

Q5. When power is taken away from Central and State Government and given to Local Government, it is called _________.

Ans – decentralisation

Q6. Legislature, __________ and _________ are the main parts of the Government.

Ans – executive, judiciary.

Q7. What is political equality?

Ans – Political equality is defined as the equality on the basis of caste, creed, religion, economic status and also having the right to vote.

Q8. Describe ‘Economic growth and development’.

Ans – Economic growth is the increase of national income or national output, regarding economic goods and products compared to one form another time. On the other hand, economic development means long term economic growth, such as a country having an increased rate of income.

Q9. What are the factors on which Economic Growth depends?

Ans – Economic growth depends on several factors : country’s population size, global situation, cooperation from other countries, economic priorities adopted by the country, etc.

Q10. Explain any three features that are common in all democratic setups of government.

Ans – Three features that are common in all democratic setups of government are as follows :

(i) They have formal constitutions.

(ii) They hold elections.

(iii) They have parties and they guarantee right to citizens.

Q11. In a non-democratic setup freedom and dignity is not legally nor morally recognised. Explain it.

Ans – because the principle of individual freedom and dignity would not have the legal and moral force there. This can be explained in following ways :

(i) People cannot choose/change their leaders.

(ii) People have no right to critise the government.

(iii) There is no transparency in the working of the government.

(iv) There is no independent election conducting body.

(v) There is no free press.

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