People as Resource Class 9 Economics Chapter 2 Notes PDF

In CBSE, Class 9 Economics Chapter 2 comes with People as Resource. This post will give you Notes of Class 9 Economics Chapter 2. Here you read every basic point of chapter 2 People as Resource.

Class 9 Economics Chapter 2 People as Resource Notes

During Exam time we don’t have much time for reading every chapter in details so we need short summary of every chapter that is known as notes. Here you got Chapter 2 People as Resource class 9 notes of NCERT.

Let’s Start

( 1 ) Human Capital

  • The population becomes Human Capital when There is investment made in the form of education, training and medical care.
  • Investment of Education and health via food and develop skills is known as human capital formation.

( 2 ) Economic Activities by Men and Women

>> The various activities are classified into three major sectors.

  1. Primary Sector – Primary Sector includes agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, fishing, poultry farming, mining and quarrying.
  2. Secondary Sector – Secondary sector includes the manufacturing of a product from raw material.
  3. Tertiary Sector –  Tertiary sector includes trade, transport, communication, banking, education, health, tourism, services, insurance etc..

( 3 ) Quality of Population

  1. Education – The literacy rates have increased from 18% in 1951 to 74% in 2010-11. Mid-day meal scheme launched by the government to increase attendance.
  2. Health – The health of a  Person helps him to do work more effectively with full potential.

( 4 ) Unemployment 

Unemployment is the condition when People are willing to work but can’t find any job. There are mainly two types of unemployment.

  1. Seasonal Unemployment – Seasonal unemployment happens when people are not able to find jobs during some months of the year. People depend on agricultural face this problem.
  2. Disguised Unemployment – Disguised unemployment people appear to be employed. But their presence can’t affect anything. This mainly happen in agricultural works. Example – In a field, A work can be easily done with 5 peoples but there are 8 peoples than these +3 peoples are disguised unemployed.

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