Primary Activities Class 12 Geography Chapter 4 MCQ Question Answer – Human Geography NCERT Solution

Class 12 Geography Chapter 4 objective type / mcq question answer of Primary Activities NCERT Solution in Hindi. NCERT Class 12 Geography MCQ Question Answer and Important Question Answer, Textual Question answer also Available for Various Board Students like HBSE, CBSE, UP board, Mp Board, RBSE and some other State Boards.

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NCERT Solution for Class 12 Geography Fundamentals of Human Geography Chapter 4 Primary Activities MCQ Question Answer.

Primary Activities Class 12 MCQ Question Answer

1. Which one of the following is not a plantation crop?
(a) Coffee
(b) Sugarcane
(c) Wheat
(d) Rubber


Ans. (c) Wheat

2. In which one of the following countries co-operative farming was the most successful experiment?
(a) Russia
(b) Denmark
(c) India
(d) The Netherlands.


Ans. (b) Denmark.

3. Growing of flowers is called:
(a) Truck farming
(b) Factory farming
(c) Mixed farming
(d) Floriculture.


Ans. (d) Floriculture.

4. Which one of the following types of cultivation was developed by European colonist ?
(a) Kolkoz
(b) Viticulture
(c) Mixed farming
(d) Plantation.


Ans. (d) Plantation.

5. In which one of the following regions is extensive commercial grain cultivation not practised?
(a) American Canadian prairies
(b) European Steppes
(c) Pampas of Argentina
(d) Amazon Basin.


Ans. (d) Amazon Basin.

6. In which of the following types of agriculture is the farming of citrus fruit very Important?
(a) Market gardening
(b) Plantation agriculture
(c) Mediterranean agriculture
(d) Co-operative farming


Ans. (c) Mediterranean agriculture

7. Which one type of agriculture amongst the following is also called ‘slash and burn agriculture’?
(a) Extensive subsistence agriculture
(b) Primitive subsistence agriculture
(c) Extensive commercial grain cultivation
(d) Mixed farming


Ans. (b) Primitive subsistence agriculture

8. Which one of the following does not follow monoculture?
(a) Dairy farming
(b) Mixed farming
(c) Plantation agriculture
(d) Commercial grain farming.


Ans. (b) Mixed farming

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