Rog Phone 2 Auto Shutdown Problem Solution – During Gaming

Hi Guys, Today this post will provide best solution for Rog Phone 2 auto shutdown problem solution.

if you got irritated from this Stupid phone and thinking that i should smash it. so you should try this and definitely this trick work on your Rog phone 2.  you also viewed so many posts and video for solve this problem.

Question –

  1. My Rog Phone 2 shows black screen and shutdown. if i try to restart then shut down again.
  2. Asus Rog Phone 2 Shutdown when Charging.
  3. Rog Phone 2 Screen hang and Shutdown

such Question never ends from user because this is total wastage of money. if you want to fix this issue then what to do?

is this Hardware Problem or Software Problem?

Many people says it works properly when i bought but after few months my phone started gave me problems during charging. and now it shutdown during games. that so much irritating.

Solution –

Your Rog phone 2 Auto shutdown problem can be solved by X Mode. Here i tell you firstly that this trick will help you to control auto shutdown during gaming but not when you charging your mobile.

you have to decrease your cpu usage from x mode when gaming. this shutdown is basically happens when your device reaches 40°C  and above temperature. so you should decrease it. If you closes or minimize your game then your phone can go to shutdown. so when you start playing game then you can not stop game.

Let’s Know what you should do for Play Game on Rog Phone 2.

Follow the steps given below;-

Step 1 :- Open Rog Phone X Mode.

Step 2: Now go to Scenario Profile of the game that you play and added in x mode.

Step 3 : Select Hardcore Tuning and then Click on Setting icon as shown in image.

Step 4 :- Now Change the profile values and fill that are shown in images.

Step 5:- After Changes kindly save the profile by clicking on save button.

Now try to play your game. This Trick Works for me. So i Thought that many of peoples also suffer from same problem. so i showed my secret method of Rog Phone 2. This profile and X mode all that works during gaming. Now my device not shutdown during gaming. if you thinking that can i solve the problem if Rog 2 stops during charging then i feel sad that this is rog Phone 2 Hardware Problem.. this problem can be solved if your Rog 2 Cpu not rise temperature more than 60°C . Changing the Cpu thermal paste can work but i have affraid because i never done work on Mobile Hardware’s.

If you Know Something then you can share with us in comments. Kindly inform if This trick works for you.

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