The Making of a Global World Class 10 History Chapter 3 MCQ Question Answer NCERT Solution

Class 10 History Chapter 3 MCQ Question Answer of The Making of a Global World NCERT Solution in Hindi. NCERT Class 10 History Question Answer and Important Question Answer, Textual Question answer also Available for Various Board Students like HBSE, CBSE, UP board, Mp Board, RBSE and some other State Boards.

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NCERT Solution for Class 10 History Chapter 3 The Making of a Global World MCQ Question Answer or objective type question answer.

The Making of a Global World Class 10 MCQ Question Answer

1. When Irish potato famine came?
(A) 1845-49
(B) 1849-54
(C) 1854-59
(D) 1865


Ans. (A) 1845-49

2. Rinderpest was a
(A) animal
(B) cattle disease
(C) famine
(D) british colony


Ans. (B) cattle disease

3. The Rinderpest disease spread in Africa in :
(A) 1890s
(B) 1880s
(C) 1910s
(D) 1900s


Ans. (A) 1890s

4. When was The Great Depression began?
(A) 1926
(B) 1929
(C) 1934
(D) 1939


Ans. (B) 1929

5. G-77 was a group of 77
(A) developed countries
(B) poor countries
(C) developing countries
(D) Landlords


Ans. (C) developing countries

6. When Columbus discovered America?
(A) 1492
(B) 1505
(C) 1488
(D) 1665


Ans. (A) 1492

7. In which year the system of indentured labour migration abolished?
(A) 1909
(B) 1915
(C) 1919
(D) 1921


Ans. (D) 1921

8. In which year the IMF and the World Bank started financial operations?
(A) 1935
(C) 1947
(D) 1950


Ans. (C) 1947

9. Which of the following is the route that connects together various regions of Asia with Europe and Northern Africa?
(A) Textile routes
(B) Silk routes
(C) Jute routes
(D) Cotton routes


Ans. (B) Silk routes

10. Which country brings Corn law?
(A) America
(B) Britain
(C) China
(D) Russia


Ans. (B) Britain

11. In which year second world war started?
(A) 1935
(B) 1939
(C) 1942
(D) 1945


Ans. (B) 1939

12. Who was Sir Henry Morton Stanley ?
(A) Journalist
(B) Explorer
(C) Both A and B
(D) None of the above.


Ans. (C) Both A and B.

13. Small pox was brought to USA by
(A) Chinese
(B) Europeans
(C) Africans
(D) Indians


Ans. (B) Europeans

14. In which years first world war was fought?
(A) 1899-1904
(B) 1905-1909
(C) 1909-1914
(D) 1914-18


Ans. (D) 1914-18

15. The Bretton Woods agreement was signed in
(A) 1939
(B) 1944
(C) 1947
(D) 1950


Ans. (B) 1944

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