Thinkers, Beliefs and Buildings Class 12 History Chapter 4 MCQ Question Answer NCERT Solution

Class 12 History Chapter 4 objective type / mcq question answer of Thinkers, Beliefs and Buildings NCERT Solution in Hindi. NCERT Class 12 History MCQ Question Answer and Important Question Answer, Textual Question answer also Available for Various Board Students like HBSE, CBSE, UP board, Mp Board, RBSE and some other State Boards.

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NCERT Solution for Class 12 History Chapter 4 Thinkers, Beliefs and Buildings MCQ Question Answer.

Thinkers, Beliefs and Buildings Class 12 MCQ Question Answer

1. Mahatma Buddha died at which place?
(a) Lumbini
(b) Bodhgaya
(c) Sarnath
(d) Kushinagar


Ans. (d) Kushinagar.

2. Which is the method of salvation in Buddhism ?
(a) Three Jewels
(b) Eight-fold path
(c) Penance
(d) Ahimsa.


Ans. (b) Eight-fold path

3. In which language Buddhist Literature was written ?
(a) Pali Language
(b) Sanskrit Language
(c) Prakrit Language
(d) Magadhi Language


Ans. (a) Pali Language

4. Lord Mahavira was related to which religion?
(a) Hinduism
(c) Buddhism
(d) Sikhism


Ans. (b)Jainism

5. Where Mahatma Buddha delivered his first sermon ?
(a) Kapilvastu
(b) Sarnath
(c) Gaya
(d) Kushinagar.


Ans. (b) Sarnath

6. Mahavira Swami died at which place ?
(a) Kundgram
(b) Kushinagar
(c) Pavapuri
(d) Sarnath.


Ans. (c) Pavapuri

7. The childhood name of Mahavira was:
(a) Siddhartha
(b) Vardhaman
(c) Siddhant
(d) Shuddhodhan.


Ans. (b) Vardhaman

8. Name the Twenty fourth Tirthankara of Jainism :
(a) Rishabhdev
(b) Anant
(c) Vardhman Mahavir
(d) Swami Parshvanath.


Ans. (c) Vardhman Mahavir

9. Jatak Stories are related to:
(a) Hinduism
(c) Buddhism
(d) Sikhism


Ans. (c) Buddhism

10. Mahayana belong to which religion?
(a) Jainism
(b) Shaivism
(c) Hinduism
(d) Buddhism


Ans. (d) Buddhism

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