Through the Eyes of Travelers Class 12 History Chapter 5 MCQ Question Answer NCERT Solution

Class 12 History Chapter 5 objective type / mcq question answer of Through the Eyes of Travelers NCERT Solution in Hindi. NCERT Class 12 History MCQ Question Answer and Important Question Answer, Textual Question answer also Available for Various Board Students like HBSE, CBSE, UP board, Mp Board, RBSE and some other State Boards.

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NCERT Solution for Class 12 History Chapter 5 Through the Eyes of Travelers MCQ Question Answer.

Through the Eyes of Travelers Class 12 MCQ Question Answer

1. Who came to India with Mahmud Ghazni?
(A) ibn battuta
(B) Bernier
(C) alberuni
(D) fahayan


Ans. (C) alberuni

2. Which of the following problems did Alberuni face in writing the account of India?
(A) Religious Belief
(B) Sanskrit language
(C) false stories
(D) All of the above


Ans. (D) All of the above.

3. Which book did Alberuni write?
(A) Rihla
(B) Kitab ul Hind
(C) Travels in the Mughal Empire
(D) blue mirror


Ans. (B) Kitab ul Hind

4. Which is the language of the book ‘Kitab-ul-Hind’ written by Alberuni?
(A) Arabic
(B) Sanskrit
(C) Persian
(D) Turkey


Ans. (A) Arabic

5. Alberuni was a resident of which country?
(A) France
(B) Portugal
(C) Uzbekistan
(D) Morocco


Ans. (C) Uzbekistan.

6. During the reign of which Sultan Ibn Battuta came to India?
(A) Alauddin Khilji
(B) Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq
(C) Qutubuddin Aibak
(D) Mahmud bin Tughlaq


Ans. (D) Mahmud bin Tughlaq

7. Who wrote the book ‘Rihla’?
(A) ibn battuta
(B) Bernier
(C) alberuni
(D) Dara Shikoh


Ans. (A) ibn battuta

8. Who was the author of the book ‘Travels in the Mughal Empire’?
(A) ibn battuta
(B) Bernier
(C) alberuni
(D) None of these.


Ans. (B) Bernier

9. Bernier was from which country?
(A) Uzbekistan
(B) Portugal
(C) Morocco
(D) France


Ans. (D) France

10. When did Bernier come to India?
(A) 1656
(B) 1526
(C) 1661
(D) 1757


Ans. (A) 1656

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