Unseen Passage for Class 12 English MCQ Test with Answer

NCERT Class 12 English Grammar Unseen Passage for Preparation of Exams. Here we Provide Class 12 English grammar for Various State Boards Students like CBSE, HBSE, MP BOARD, UP BOARD, RBSE students.

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Unseen Passage for Class 12 English MCQ Test with Answer for CBSE, HBSE, Up board, Mp Board, RBSE and for Competitive Exams.

Class 12 English Unseen Passage MCQ

Read the passage given below and answer the questions by choosing the most appropriate answer from the given options that follow. 

(A) He college was closed on Saturday last on account of it being a fine day. The sky was overcast and a pleasant breeze was blowing. The birds were chirping on the branches of the trees. It was indeed a very pleasant morning. Three friends, Rama, Ganga and Mohan, thought of spending the day out on the banks of the river. They spent it in playing games, it is playing games, eating fruits and sweets and singing songs. They could not resist the templation of taking a plunge into the river. Rama and Mohan were expert swimmers. They were soon ahead of Ganga with their quick and vigorous strokes. The latter was yet a novice, but fired by a spirit of emulation, he tried to overtake them. He had hardly fought with the current for five minutes, when he found that it was too strong for him, that his whole strength was ebbing fast and that he was on the point of being engulfed. He cried for help, but his companions were too far ahead to hear his cries. He became hoarse after repeated cries but there was no response.

1. Why was college closed on Saturday ?
(a) It was a public holiday.
(b) Because of strike.
(c) Because of its being a fine day.
(d) Because of flood situation.


Ans. (c) Because of its being a fine day.

2.  What temptation could the three friends not resist ?
(a) Playing games.
(b) Eating fruits.
(c) Taking a plunge into the river.
(d) None of the above


Ans. (c) Taking a plunge into the river.

3. Which of the three friends was a novice in swimming ?
(a) Rama
(b) Ganga
(c) Mohan
(d) None of the above


Ans. (b) Ganga

4.  How was the current of the river ?
(a) Strong
(b) Swift
(c) Slow
(d) both (a) & (b)


Ans. (a) Strong

5. What kind of morning was it on Saturday ?
(a) A very pleasant morning.
(b) A stormy morning.
(c) A foggy morning.
(d) A very cold morning.


Ans. (a) A very pleasant morning.


(B) As we alighted from the plane onto the tarmac of one of the smallest international airports in the world, a picture – perfect sight greeted us. A quaint airport terminal surrounded by green mountains, so tranquil and beautiful even on a wet, grey morning, it simply took our breath away. We had landed in the kingdom of Bhutan, one of the most isolated nations in the world with more than 70 percent of the harsh terrain under forest cover. Out holiday was luxurious enough for the first couple of days in Thimpu and Paro. We saw the national animals, the Takin and the Dzong. We were put to test soon enough on a half-day trip to Taktsang, the most revered temple in Bhutan. The temple is perched high on a granite cliff some 800 metres above the Paro valley and the walk through the beautiful forest of poplar and pines is about 10 kms in all. For the first time we encountered the in genuous Bhutanese system of using power to run a rotating prayer wheel and a tinkling bell. The next day, armed with walking sticks, light jackets, sun caps and high spirits, we set off.

1. The airport of which country is being described in this passage ?
(a) India
(b) Bhutan
(c) Nepal
(d) England


Ans. (b) Bhutan

2.  The national animals of Bhutan are :
(a) Takin
(b) Dzong
(c) Both (a) & (b)
(d) None of the above


Ans. (c) Both (a) & (b)

3. “It simply took our breath away” means ………… .
(a) It shocked us too much.
(b) It delighted us too much.
(c) It was bad looking.
(d) It was not pleasant.


Ans. (a) It shocked us too much.

4.  The author and his team were armed with many things. Which of the following is non-materialistic ?
(a) Walking sticks
(b) Light jackets
(c) Sun caps
(d) High Spirits


Ans. (d) High Spirits

5.  Which is the most revered temple in Bhutan ?
(a) Paro
(b) Thimpu
(c) Taktsang
(d) None of the above


Ans. (c) Taktsang

(C) At a time when the use of fossil fuels to power vehicles is making environmentalists angry, an alternative source of fuel – the bio diesel – has emerged as a useful solution. Additonally, its use solves a disposal problem. The fuel is nothing but used vegetable oil which has been tested satisfactorily. It has made a vehicle called the Veggie Van (a motor home), run more than 16000 Kms across the United States. Also, it has visited 20 major cities, causing absolutely no harm to the environment. Vegetable oil from various restaurants in America was all that was used along the entire journey. The novel experiment was started as a college project by two students, Joshna and Kaia. It eventually ended in a massive public awareness programme. The idea of using vegetable oil as fuel for a diesel engine first occurred to them when they visited a traditional farm in the pictures que Southern Germany where vehicles fuelled by vegetable oil were in use.

1. What is the alternative fuel suggested in the passage ?
(a) Petrol
(b) Diesel
(c) Bio-diesel
(d) None of the above


Ans. (c) Bio-diesel

2.  What is bio-diesel ?
(a) Used diesel
(b) Used petrol
(c) Used vegetable oil
(d) None of the above


Ans. (c) Used vegetable oil

3. What name was given to the vehicle that first used bio-diesel ?
(a) Mercedes
(b) Veggie Van
(c) Motor cycle
(d) Tractor


Ans. (b) Veggie Van

4. How many Kilometers has veggie van run ?
(a) 10000 Kms
(b) 12000 Kms
(c) 16000 Kms
(d) 14000 Kms


Ans. (c) 16000 Kms

5. Who were the inventors of veggie van ?
(a) Joshna and Kaia
(b) John and Kerry
(c) George and Joshna
(d) None of the above


Ans. (a) Joshna and Kaia

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