CBSE Class 11 English Hornbill Important Questions 2024 PDF

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CBSE Board Solution of Class 11 English Hornbill important Question And Answer solution.

CBSE Class 11 English Hornbill Important Question Answer 2024 

Class 11 English Chapter 1 – The portrait of a Lady Important Questions 2024

Q1. Describe in brief the pen-picture of the narrator’s grandmother highlighting her noble qualities. (The Portrait of a Lady)

Q2. What proofs do you find of the friendship between grandmother and grandson in “The Portrait of a Lady” ?

Q3. The grandmother was a kind-hearted woman. Give example in support of your answer. (The Portrait of a Lady)

Q4. Write a character sketch of the Grandmother. (The Portrait of a Lady)
Draw the pen portrait of the author’s grandmother. (The Portrait of a Lady)

Q5. Mention three reasons why the author’s grandmother was disturbed when he started going to the city school.

Q6. Whom did grandmother feed in the afternoon?

Q7. How did the birds express their sorrow on Khuswant Singh’s grandmother’s death ?

Q8. How did the grandmother spend her days after, when the author grew up?

Q9. How do you know that Khuswant Singh’s grandmother was a religious person ?

Q10. How does Khuswant Singh describe his grandfather ?

Class 11 English Chapter 2 – We’re Not Afraid to Die Important Questions 2024

Q1. What difference did you notice between the reaction of the adults and the children when faced with danger? ( We Are Not Afraid To Die… If We Can All be Together

Q2. Who are ‘We’ in “We’re Not Afraid to Die …… if we can all be together” ?

Q3. What did Mary tell the narrator ? (We’re not Afraid to Die….. If we can all be together) Most Important

Q4. What does the narrative “We’re not Afraid to Die ……. If we can all be together ” tell about the author and his family ?

Class 11 English Chapter 3 – Discovering Tut : The Saga Continues

Q1. The tomb of king was discovered in which year?
When was King Tut’s tomb discovered ?

Q2. Who was the Howard Carter ?  (Discovering Tut : The Saga Continues)

Q3. When was a CT scan performed on Tut’s mummy? (Discovering Tut The Saga Continues) 

Q4. Describe briefly the rein of king Tut and his dynasty. (Discovering Tut: The Saga Continues)

Q5. King Tut was buried with gilded treasureand with the things of everydy use. What was the belief of the people of ancient Egypt behind this?

Q6. Why was King Tut’s denise a big event ?

Q7. Why did the boy king change his name, from Tutan Khaten to Tutan Khamum?

Class 11 English Chapter 4 – The Ailing Planet : The Green Movement’s Role Important Questions 2024

Q1. Who is the author of the chapter : The Ailing Planet?

Q2. Why do people in poor countries cut down trees? (The Ailing Planet: The Green Movement’s Role)

Class 11 English Chapter 5 – The Adventure Important Questions 2024

Q1. What does Jayant Narlikar want to prove in “The Adventure” ?

Q2. What is the catastrophic theory ? (The Adventure)

Q3. How does Prof. Gaitonde’s mind go to the past ? (The Adventure)

Q4. Who is Professor Gaitonde ? What is the subject of the lecture that he is going to deliver ?

Class 11 English Chapter 6 – Silk Road Important Questions 2024

Q1. Describe the narrator’s journey from Ravu to Hor and the problems he had to face on the journey. (Silk Road)

Q2. Why has Nick Middleton’s article been titled “Silk Road” ?

Q3. Describe the township of Hor. (Silk Road)

Q4. Why did Lhamo give a sheepskin to the writer? (Silk Road)

Q5. Describe the author’s experiences during his Kora to Mount Kailash. (Silk Road)

Q6. Suppose you run a pet shop. You have to sell the Tibetan mastiff to a customer. State any two qualities of the dog taking cues from the lesson ‘Silk Road’.

Poetry Section 

Class 11 English Poem 1 – A Photograph Important Questions 2024

Q1. What is the gist of Shirley Toulson’s “A Photograph” ?

Q2. What is the central idea of the poem ‘A Photograph’ ?  Most Important

Q3. What does the laugh of the poet’s mother at the snapshot indicate? (A Photograph)

Q4. Explain” Both wry with the labored ease of loss”. ( A Photograph)

Q5. Whose photograph has been described in ‘A Photograph’ ?

Q6. What has the camera captured in the poem ‘A Photograph’ ?

Q6. The three stanzas of the poem ‘Photograph’ depict three different phases. What are they ?

Class 11 English Poem 2 – The Laburnum Top Important Questions 2024

Q1. What does machine mean in the poem “The Laburnum Top” ?

Q2. Who enlivens the Laburnum top ?

Q3. How does The Laburnum Top get animated ?

Q4. Write in brief the summary of the poem ‘The Laburnum Top’.

Q5. Why is the image of engine evoked by the poet?

Class 11 English Poem 3 – The Voice of the Rain Important Questions 2024

Q1. How does the rain describe itself? (voice of the Rain)

Q2. There is a parallel drawn between rain and music. Which words indicate this ? Explain the similarity between the two on the basis of the poem ‘The Voice of the Rain’.

Q3. Who is the poem of the Earth ? (The Voice of the Rain)

Q4. Who did Walt Whitman ask a question from ? (The Voice of the Rain)

Q5. Who is the speaker in Walt Whitman’s “The Voice of the Rain” ? What function does it perform ?

Q6. What is the cyclic movement of rain in the poem “The Voices of the Rain’?

Class 11 English Poem 4 – Childhood Important Questions 2024

Q1. What does Markus Natten say about Hell and Heaven ? (Childhood)
What does Markus Natten realize about Hell and Heaven in the poem “Childhood” ?

Q2. Where did Markus Natten’s childhood go? (Childhood)

Q3. Where does the poet think his childhood go away to ?

Q4. What is the central idea of the poem “Childhood” ?  Most Important

Q5. What does the poet say about his childhood in the poem ‘Childhood’ ?

Class 11 English Poem 5 – Father to Sun Important Questions 2024

Q1. What is the central idea of the poem “Father to Son”.

Q2. How is the father’s helplessness brought out in the poem ‘Father to Son’ ?

Q3. At the end of Elizabeth Jennings poem “Father to Son”, what do both father and son desire?

Q4. What is the father’s anger a product of ? (Father to Son)

Q5. Why can’t Elizabeth Jennings understand her child ? (Father to Son)

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