Food Security in India Class 9 Economics Chapter 4 MCQ Question Answer

Class 9 Economics Food Security in India MCQ Question Answer NCERT Solution in Hindi. NCERT Class 9 Economics MCQ Question Answer and Important Question Answer, Textual Question answer also Available for Various Board Students like HBSE, CBSE, UP board, Mp Board, RBSE and some other State Boards.

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NCERT Solution for Class 9 Economics  Chapter 4 Food Security in India MCQ Question Answer.

Food Security in India Class 9 MCQ Question Answer

Chapter 4 MCQ Question Answer

1 In which year Annapurna Scheme was launched?
(A) 1993
(B) 1997
(C) 2000
(D) 2005


Ans. (C) 2000

2. PDS is
(A) Public Destruction System
(B) Public Distribution System
(C) Public Demand System
(D) Public Damage System


Ans.(B) Public Distribution System

3. Food Security means
(A) availability of food
(B) accessibility of food
(C) Both A and B
(D) none of the above.


Ans. (C) Both A and B

4. The most devastating famine that occurred in India was the
(A) Famine of Lucknow
(B) Famine of Bengal
(C) Famine of Haryana
(D) Famine of Mumbai


Ans. (B) Famine of Bengal in 1943

5. Full form of FCI is
(A) Food Company of India
(B) Functioning Corporation of India
(C) Food Corporation of India
(D) Food and Construction Company of India


Ans.(C) Food Corporation of India

6. Full form of MSP is
(A) Minimum Support Price
(B) Maximum Support Price
(C) Maximum Substitute Price
(D) Minimum Substitute Price


Ans. (A) Minimum Support Price

7. MSP is issued by
(B) Parliament
(C) Centre government
(D) President


Ans.(C) Centre government

8. Which of the following is a type of ration card?
(A) Antyodaya cards
(B) BPL cards
(C) APL cards
(D) all of the above


Ans. (D) all of the above

9. In which year Antyodaya Anna Yojana launched?
(A) 1997
(B) 2000
(C) 2003
(D) 2005


Ans. (B) 2000

10. National Food Security Act was introduced in
(A) 2000
(B) 2005
(C) 2010
(D) 2013


Ans. (D) 2013

11. Mid Day Mil Scheme was launched in
(A) 1993
(B) 1995
(C) 1998
(D) 2000


Ans. (B) 1995

12. Which program was introduced in 1977-78?
(A) The National food Security Act
(B) Integrated Child Development Services
(C) Food for Work
(D) Annapurna Anna Yojana


Ans. (C) Food for Work

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